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What kind of peoples" prayers do God reject?

God rejects prayer from:  
  1. People who honor God with their lips alone (Mt 15:8–9) 
  2. People who are confident of their own righteousness and look down on others, i.e., proud (Lk 18:9–12) 
  3. People who treat others ruthlessly, without mercy or compassion (Mt 18:28–30) 
  4. The doubtful, who are unstable in their ways (Jas 1:6–7) 
  5. Those who pray with empty words (Job 35:13; Jas 4:13) 
  6. Hypocrites (Mt 6:5) 
  7. Sinners (Jn 9:31) 
  8. Evildoers (1 Pet 3:12)

Publisher: True Jesus Church