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Ezekiel Chapter 5 and 6

Ezekiel Chapters 5 and 6

I.       The Evil Deeds of Jerusalem

A.     (5:6) Rebelled against and refused the judgments

B.     (5:6) Not walked in statutes

C.     (5:7) Disobedience

D.     (5:7) Done according to the judgments of the nations

E.     (5:11) Defiled sanctuary

II.    The Punishment

A.     (5:4) A fire will go out into all the house of Israel

B.     (5:8) God is against and executes the judgments in them

C.     (5:10) Scatter all around

D.     (5:11) Diminish them

E.     (5:11) Without care and pity

F.      (5:12) Pestilence, famine and sword

G.     (5:14) Become waste and reproach

III. Purpose

A.     (5:13; 6:12) God spend His fury on them

B.     (5:15) A reproach, a taunt, a lesson, an astonishment to the nations

C.     (6:9) They will remember God among the nations

D.     (6:7,10,13,14) You shall know that I am the Lord