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Christian Apologetics

Christian Apologetics

Jason Hu and HH Ko

I.       Prolegomena

A.     Definition of Apology

1.        Apologetics

2.        Apologists

3.        apo ( from)   logia (word) : apologia ; a  speech, defence, apology

4.        Apology in the bible:

·         To defend: Lk 12:11; 21:14; Act 19: 33 ;25:8; 26: 1.2.24; Rom 2:15; 2Co 12:19.

·         Defence (apologia) : Act 22:1; 25:16; 1 Co 9:3; 2 Co 7:11; Phl 1:7.16; 2 Tim 4:16; 1 Pet 3:15.

B.     Two fronts of Apology

1.        Active Apology: Jude 3, “to contend earnestly for the faith - How? By the spoken word and writing.”

2.        Passive Apology: 1 Pet 3.15, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts [the foundation of apology], and      always be ready to give a defence to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear [attitude]; having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed.”[purpose]

C.     The Categorizations of Apology

There are three different directions / fields of apology:

1.        DENOMINATIONAL  Dimension : Within the Christianity

Main theme: True Jesus Church is the only one true church.

2.        RELIGIOUS Dimension: Within the World religions

Main theme: Christianity is the only one true religion among the different religions: Buddhism, Muslim, Judaism and Hinduism.

3.        IDEOLOGICAL Dimension : Within the Philosophy

Main them: Biblical  God is The Only One True God contra the different worldviews: Theism, Deism, Atheism, Philosophy {moral}, Science, etc.

D.     Summary by Chart


E.     The purpose of Apology

1.        You have to understand what they believe.

2.        You have to know what you believe.

3.        You have to compare both. – Need for Spiritual Cultivation

F.      The Attitude of Apology

1.        Love – Edify

2.        Knowledge

3.        If you compare with Jesus, dare not become proud. Speaking the truth but with love

4.        As a good soldier of Christ Jesus (2 Tim 2:3-4):

·         endure hardship with co-worker

·         not involved in civilian affairs

·         to please our commanding officer

G.     Four types of the interaction of the religions

1.        Exclusivism e.g. Judaism, Islam

2.        Inclusivism e.g. Justin the Martyr; will go to mainstream

3.        Pluralism e.g. New Age Movement; Different person different way same goal

4.        Syncreticism e.g. Transformation and Integration; everything is allowable

What type is TJC?

We are absolute not as individuals but collective.

H.    Three elements of science:

1.        Reproducibility

2.        Manageability

3.        Observability

Not every one who is a scientist believes in scientism.

Scientism – verification through observation and testing/experimentation.

I.       Two methods of study

1.        Induction

2.        Deduction

II.    Apology of Ideological Dimension

A.     Revelation, Reason and Faith

B.     The Existence of God


Five Ways
” of Thomas Aquinas - - A posteriori proofs for God

2.        “ Ontological Proof ” of Anselm of Canterbury - - A priori proofs for God

3.        Biblical Evidence

General Revelation :Rom 1:19f; Act 14:17; Jer 31:35; 33:20

Special  Revelation : Jer 7:14; Gen 1:26f; 6:3; Ecc3:11; Mat 1: 21-23; Jn 1:14; 14:16-24; 16:1-16; Rom 8:12-17; 2 Cor 1:20-22; 1 Jn 2:27

C.     God and Evil

D.     Theistic Apologetics

1.        Deism

2.        Pantheism

3.        Panentheism

4.        Atheism

5.        Theism – Open Theism

6.        Henotheism

7.        Polytheism

E.     God and Creation

Creation or Evolution

·         Atheist

·         Naturalist

·         Scientist

·         Evolution in Christianity, Theological Evolution

III. Apology of the Religious Dimension

Apology we have to know the denominations. Second part of Apology is faced with different religions. Our God is not the same as Buddhism, Judaism (They have not Jesus). The last part is the philosophical world. Theism, Scientism.

A.     Hinduism

If we want to know Hinduism, we need to go to India. This land is big. History of this land: [See topics 674, 692]. Few people believe in Jesus. Christianity in India. About 2k yrs ago. Aryan wanted to kill people who are not Aryan [see Topics 24970 and 26588]. They moved from the North to the South. They moved from Iran. The Arabians had the same language family as the Aryans. They go from Europe to the South of Russia, Iran and then to North India.

This tribe is Aryan. North part of India are Caucasians (White). In Africa there are some which are light black, result of mixing with black people). Aryan can be saved from persecution from Hitler. Mixed with Iran. Before they came, there were local Indians. They control the whole country later on. In the history of Hinduism there are many different periods.

Origin Hinduism – Caste system. They divided the society in four groups:

1.       Brahma is the god’s name. The people are called Brahmana.

2.       Rajanya [or Kshatriya]

3.       Vaisya

4.       Sudra: slaves.

Their gods also have hierarchies. Custom is if you are born as Brahma then you will enjoy life, as opposed to Sudra, a life of  poverty.

The highest god is Brahman. It is a principle. God covering everything. The highest god. All the principles comes from Brahman. Mainstream of Hinduism is Brahmism. Hinduism is not one religion. Within are many religions. All things come from Brahma. This god is the highest god in all Hinduism. Under hinduism. They are all under one Canon Bhagavad Gato – godhead three in one [Triadum], no one can see, approach, touch. If you have not the thinking to defend, then you will lose yourself.

God must come to the world so we can see. There are two gods. One is Siva the great god, male god [Mahadeva]. Origin of Siva was female god. All these religions are immoral. Siva was a family name. This –a was a female god, having the appearance of male and female body parts. And the other one is Vishnu. These three gods combined together form the godhead of Brahamanism.

You can worship them individually. They are separate. And yet they are in one. In the religion, Indian people they believe they believe in one god. For the monotheism / henotheism belief in one god. We are monotheism. This god is the only one true god. From before, today, and future. But henotheism believes one true god. But for them this one true god they worship in this one moment I worship this god, this is my one true god. And ten years later, I will worship another god. This god is also one true god. In this field of healing, this god is the highest one for healing. And now I need money, I go to a money god. Etc. Therefore I am not forsaking my first god, just putting them aside. In Hinduism there are no problems. They are mutually tolerant. They see worshipping as their needs. Inside Hinduism they do not have any doctrinal problems. [If we see fighting among the Indians, is not because of religion rather different tribes, etc]. Therefore they can say to you that Jesus can be a guru or even Brahma. In their thinking that there are many gods.

The reincarnated forms of the god in Hinduism. The god of Hinduism. They can come back again and again. This is the fighting place for the gods. Vishnu – The great male god combined with female bodily parts. He manifest in ten forms. Why? Every time they come to the earth, they fight, getting bigger and bigger, more powerful, each time round. This is adopted by New Age Movement. (1) Fish (2) Turtle. (3) Boar. (4) Lion (Evolutionary). (5) Dwarf.  They become human. Through fighting they get more energy. (6) Rama – charioteer. (7) Rama – king. The skin is green. [Seventh Reincarnation]. (8) Krishna (warrior), more intelligent than Rama. (9) Buddha – enlightened one (10) Unknown.

Therefore the people submit themselves to each other. They use it to control the society. Their wish is that though this life is miserable, then there is the patience to submit to a higher power, seeing it as an temporal matter, agreeing with the thought it was the fault of their ancestors or whatever it was to cause them to be degraded to such a state.

Such thinking comes to Buddhism. This influences many Chinese. Karma – from Hinduism. Basic from Buddhism is Hinduism. Then later on classification of more steps. Hinduism – Elephant, Sun-god. Other gods will come to the earth. Vishnu come to the earth – uses cow as the vehicle. They honour the cow but do not worship the cow.

New Age Movement learn from Hinduism from Aryan. Gods of the European continent. From all these religions, purpose of your life, there are four. Canon of Hinduism –

Mahabharata – Story of conflict between two families. Four purpose in your life (1) artha (work) (2) kama (enjoy, love, sensual) (3) Dharma (the principle of righteousness) (4) Moksha (release) into the Ultimate Reality. Final purpose in your life. Selbsterlosung. Nirvana

Cosmology in Hinduism – Mormonism must come tot he earth there is no power. Finally Satan the wicked people they have no body, they have lost themselves eternal. Why God is powerful? He is the first one to get the body from the earth. And through this earth, god will be powerful. They see the earth as the tool to become more powerful. Therefore the heaven on earth. Indian god need to enter the earth to fill all things. Mormonism needs to put on the body of this world, so as to fill all in all. So that the people on earth will become his instruments so that he can defeat the Satan. Those who are saved have three places. Best on earth, etc. The first one and the only one and the highest one. Anthropology

Cosmology of Hinduism – The main body is the earth. There are seven levels of heaven. Under the earth, there are seven levels of hell. They are combined together. All the demons are in hell. The gods live in heaven. Seven levels seven different levels of power. Through moksha – depending on yourself, you can go to first heaven. But then heaven in Hinduism is not forever.

The earth is like an egg.

How long this universe will continue to exist? It is not everlasting. For example you go to the two millions years, you enjoy life there, you must go to Samsara.

Anthropology – 5 Mahabhata – spirits come into body. They think how big is your soul, it is as big as your thumb. In the earth there is no end. Through the Samsara. Though it is like this, because the cosmos comes from Brahma. This universe is the whole body of Brahma. And also Brahma is the principle of the whole universe. This is the broadest view of Brahma. But however he has Year of the Brahma. This universe is only 100 Brahman years. After this time disappears (1 Brahma years = 360 Brahma day = 1 Kalpa (BD) = 8640m human years. 1 Kalpa = 14 world periods. 1 Manvantara = 71 steps; 1 Step = 4 Yuga.

31104 X 1010.

Religious Life – Pilgrim: They go to river to bathe. Worshipping of nature: mountains, rivers, etc. Why? Gods become mountains. Because all the universe is the body of the gods. Therefore the gods reincarnate to mountains, etc. For these are mightier than any human being. For example, Himalaya is the wife of Shiva. And Shiva’s wife is called parati. Ganges - concubine of Siva.

Denominations in Hinduism.

Differences between Biblical Truth and Hinduism:

1.        Jesus is the only way (Jn 14.6). Salvation from Jesus è No saviour. Through themselves. Self-release. Salvation through individual.

2.        Godhead: One true God, beside this God there is no other (Isa 44-46). è You can change according to your situation.

3.        Theory: Absolute è Inclusivism (they can accept every theory, through Hinduism go to Nirvana) + Pluralism.

4.        Religious Life of the people: è Faith is individual. They have prayers, but no intercessions. You need to pray for yourself and no one pray for you. They have Nirvana, but no organised religion. In Buddhism there are no organisation to preach, unlike Christianity. Not an ‘organised’ religion. Samsara is for the individual. No one can help you.

B.     Buddhism

·         563 BC (not certain, some say 566 BC. Buddha is not his name).

·         Name of the Founder: During his lifetime: Siddharta [forename] Gautama [surname]. Later on in life: Sakya (tribe) muni (sage). After he died: Gautama Buddha

·         His father was a king of a small country. Age of 16 married. Princess and had children. Father saw his son does not want to be king. And his son want to meditate. And then build for him three palaces, and give him 4,000 concubines. So that he forgets meditation. One day he go out and his father limits. Then he observed an elderly crippled man. And thought about his own fate. And then he observed about funeral. And then the pains of giving birth. Foundation of life is suffering. Life, Old, Sick, Death (elementary suffering). But we also create suffering for ourselves.

·         Separating from those you love.

·         Living with people you hate.

·         Dissatisfaction (external)

·         Unfilled senses (internal)

·         29 years old

·         In the evening, he fled from his family after witnessing a revelation. Shaved his hair. Wore ragged clothes. No one knew he was a prince. From then onwards he began to search the right way. In the beginning, six or seven years later,

·         First period; Visited the Brahma Guru - Attended the Raja Yoga – learned meditation and philosophy

·         Second period: Self meditation and self discipline – Book says, every day he just eat one bean. Motto: one day one bean. Two characteristic

·         Stomach – he can touch his spine.

·         No bath – dust from his body just flaked off

·         Fell into a coma -  Ascetism is not use for the truth.

·         Third period: start to meditate under the Po Tree.

·         Temptation: (1) Three beautiful, sexy, naked women come to him (2) demons become gods of death wanting to catch him. Wind and Rain mountain storm like fire attacking him. And Gautama his heart unmoved. Surpassing human senses, when it touches him become flowers (3)  Question: The demon ask him: Sadita, where comes your privilege to become like Buddha. Sikya muni: the earth gave a sound like thunder. From earth many voices, 100, 1000, 10,000 voices, “We are the witness.”

·         May, during the full moon, night, Buddha. He was very happy. He went to Coma (for the second time). And after forty-nine days he became Buddha.

·         486 BC 15th March – Sarira. The tooth of Buddha. Originally there were two teeth of Buddha.

·         Sikya Muni is a tribal name. The name of a sage. Greatest Holy Teacher – Confucius. He is a person. After he died he had more than 1,000 believers. 1st century BC became Buddha, when he became more mysterious. He ade three manifestations -  (a) Dharmakaya – spirit or soul filled the universe [spiritual] (b) Sambkoga Kaya – symbolic buddha [symbolic] (c) Nirmana Kaya [historical]. Comparable to the Christian Trinity.

·         Buddhism – Point of View. Succeed from Hinduism.

·         Later Buddha they have 32 images [ characteristics ] (a) arms longer than his legs past his knee joint (b) hand is just like palm from swan (c) ear is so big that his tongue can touch it (d) skin soft and smooth, does not need to clean his skin (e) golden skin. Ten titles:

·         Titles of Buddha: (a) Tathagata [go and comes as he wills] (b) Buddha (c) Bhagavat [whole world honour him] (d) Arham [your trouble and suffering cease] {Senior Monk}.

1.        Doctrine of Buddhism:

·         There are many tribes, Denominations and Divisions among the Buddhism.  But they have the same Basic Doctrine

·         Four Truths

·         Suffering (8) refer to primary and secondary sufferings in life

·         Cause of suffering – Why everyone must suffer? Everything has a hetu (reason, cause). You bring this seed out. Pratyaya (result). They cannot explain the first hetu. This one of the main differences between Christianity and Buddhism. They use law of causality to build their theory of reincarnation. Human history is linear according to Christianity. Buddhism there is no beginning or ending, unlike the Christianity. If we go to the thinking world of reincarnation. How do we convince them that reincarnation is wrong? How do we take them out of the wrong mental assumed environment?

·         Suffering ceases when desire ceases – (eternal circle)

·         Confuse à Karma (seed) à Cause (effect) – Confusion (to further confusion) - Confuse à Karma (seed) à Cause (effect) – Confusion (to further confusion) - Confuse à Karma (seed) à Cause (effect) – Confusion (to further confusion) - Confuse à Karma (seed) à Cause (effect) – Confusion (to further confusion), etc.

·         Twelve different Causes

·         Eight Ways – Eight Paths

·         Three Steps - (1) Regular (2) Meditation (3) Wisdom (empty)

·         Canon

·         Regulations

·         Writings

·         Fundamental Differences

           Christian         Buddhism

·         History         Linear                    Circle

·         Saviour         Jesus                     Self

·         Five

·         Heavenly eye will be open. See through death and birth.

·         Heavenly ear will be open.

·         Heavenly understanding will be open.

·         Heavenly knowledge (past and future)

·         Physical being to spiritual

·         Arrive at Nirvana.

·         Nirvana – Suffering cease when desires ceased

2.        Suffering

3.        Cause and Effect

4.        Eight paths

5.        Nirvana

Not good not bad. Correct the idea.

6.        Reincarnation

Six levels –


Many heavens is mountain.



Level without material:

Level of Eighteen Steps: Before Buddha come into this world, he live in this world. All beauty

Level of Desire – Male and Female

Conclusion: Their heavenly life is limited not forever.

8.        HUMAN PATH (Manusya) – They have no first cause. Heaven existed longer than the earth. Abhasvara. They come to earth to enjoy. They can fly. Meat on earth. They lost their energy to fly back. They eat too much. Origin of humans were gods come to the earth. Through incarnation: you marry your grand grand grandmother. Relationships to surpass by those of monks. World will become worse.

9.        A [without] sura [wine] (evil spirits) living under the SemuruMountain. They fight with the gods in the heavens. Heavenly ghost / demons.

10.     Tirzana (way of the animals)

11.     Goats (preta) Hungry demons – ephagus. It is as narrow as the needle. But their stomach is so big [paradox]

 a.      Naraka (Hell) The Eight Great Naraka (Hot Hell) 8thAvici – Hottest

 b.      The Eight Cold Hell

 c.      Isolated Hell

12.     Yama (male); Yami (female)

C.     Judaism

Rom 11:25

Acts 28:24-25

Do the Israelites have a different way to be saved?   Finally the whole family will be saved.

After Jesus there are no differences between Jews and Gentiles, everyone need to be baptised. End o the world, if they want to be saved, they have to be baptised, like Peter, Preacher Ko, etc. The Jewish people have a different way. They have a special way. They protect that they are the chosen people. Covenant.

They concentrate in the holy land. Their focus is on the holy land. This is the beginning of Judaism. Fighting in the Middle East.

LutheranChurch believes that the Jews have a different way to be saved. As long as they believe that Jesus is the Messiah, confess, they will be saved.

Eph 2 Jews and Gentiles become one.

Summarizing of Judaism in 13 Articles

1.        Believe in the existence of the creator and providence

2.        Believe in his unity

3.        Believe in his incorporality

4.        Believe in his eternity

5.        To him worship due

6.        Believe in the word of the prophets

7.        Moses was the greatest of all prophets

8.        Believe in the revelation of the law on mount Sinai

9.        Immutable of the law

10.     God is omniscient

11.     Retribution of this world and here after

12.     Coming of Messiah

1.        Messianic Age

 a.      Era – Characteristic in the Messianic age.

 b.      Jesus changed their thoughts. In the Messiah is coming, Jews will be released from all enemies. Political ideal. Messiah combined with David together, “Son of David.” The resurrection of the dead is physical. And in this time, in the age of Messiah, physical life can no longer die. Who will be resurrected? (1) Those who are buried in the holy land – esp. around the HolyCity [What is the basis of the origin of this belief?]

 c.      What Adam lost was the Paradise, humanity will once again receive this.

 d.      Messianic Age is on earth, without sin, God will abolish all things. Naked.

2.        Salvation

 a.      Messiah will come to release them.

 b.      Heschel – Parable == We human we cannot depart from evil by ourselves. Crane – went to the pool. Muddy. With your own method then you will not be able to escape the trap of sin.

If they reach 13 years old they become the son of the commandment*

Barmtzvah – a son of the commandment

Pray three times a day.

Only ten people there > son of commandments – They can have a meeting or service. They can only wait. Ten righteous people. Keep Sabbath without service. Order of Services have a greater content.

Three times a year pilgrimages are made to the temple. Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacle

3.        New Year

Prayer of a man and woman are done differently.

In Jesus’ time it is easy to divorce. Go home is getting older, Miss Flower, Your wife cook you can divorce.

4.        Summary

 a.      Gal 4.1-8 – Remain in the old time, young, as a child, but now fulfilled we must accept Jesus as our Saviour, the morning star

 b.      2 Cor 3.12 (Veil over their hearts)

 c.      Rom 10.2 Zeal no knowledge/truth

 d.      Rom 9-11 (Fate of Jewish people)

 e.      Rev 1-22 Where is the last war?

D.     Muslims

1.        There are 3 fields in the Muslim Culture World. They want to build – from politics.

·         Umma or Ummah – Holy Union [Balkans States]

·         Arabian

·         Arab

2.        What means Muslim?

·         Are not those people who are of Mohammed. But Islam, those who obey true God. They believe in the one true God. If you want to know the Muslim. Now is the culture world and the origin of the Arabs and origin of Muslim.

·         Arabian – Descendents of Abraham, from Ishmael.

·         Gen 21.19  zam zam meca mecca.

·         The Tent belonged for wife???

·         Mohammed times they (1) worshipped stones and (2) ancestral worship and they (3) honoured evil spirits. “Jinn” one of the highest one.

·         In Mecca there is a stone called Kabah. This stone came from Heaven. Meteorite.

·         (4) Mohammed create a high god: Allah.

3.        Mohammed / Muhammad

 a.      Is not god, but Is the one worthy to receive praise.

 b.      Date of birth

(a)     AD 571/4/22

(b)     AD 570/8/29

(c)     AD 570/8/20

 c.      Aba Allah

 d.      6 years old became an orphan. Grandfather took care of him. 8 years old, his grandfather passed away. His uncle took care of him. 12 years old went to Syria.  He met a Christian Monk. Learned religion from Jews and Christians. At that time there were many other gods too. 15 / 20 years old – fighter. 25 years old employed by a Mecca widow, Khadiya. They got married. Gave birth to six children. Fatima and gave her to uncle son called Ali. After Khadiya died, he had ten wives and two concubines. Among them, some are Jews, Christians and Arabs.

 e.      Sure / Sura – Why he married so many wives+, he said for love.

4.        AD 610

 a.      40 years old living in Mecca. Six miles from Mecca there was cave called Hira.

 b.      Ramadan 9th month: Sura 96, 1-19.

 c.      He will preach the truth. After two years, there was revelation. AD 632 Allah revealed Koran. Sura 25, 33. Isa = Jesus. Read and write.

5.        Koran “read”

 a.      Book for reading

 b.      Allah revealed to Mohammed in parts. After he received he went out to preach in Mecca. No one believed. AD 622/7/16. Medina – gathered many people. Strategic. Mecca and Medina. AD 622 fought every party to become chief. Muslim calendar, 2000 has not yet been reached. B. 570 = D. 632/6/8. Muslim means a follower and obedient to the Lord, who is Allah in his eyes. 190-193, 270. Therefore a holy war. Twenty times in battle. 50 times involved in war.

IV.  Apology of Denominational Dimension

Case Study: 1 Co 12: 1-31


v. 4-11 Receiving of different gifts.

v. 12-31 All are together. This is the body of Jesus.

Ecumenical Movement aside from Catholic Church.

Meeting up with apologist give you a preconcept

The body of Jesus does not say there is a church.

Church is not denomination, but believers. Category is different.

A.     Godhead

1.        Attributes of God

Definition of Attribute

Through his works God shows us something of himself. For example, creating the universe. Therefore we see him as almighty. That is we name him the Creator. This is through God’s work what we can know about God. We must see and experience. This is not his essence, but his attribute.

Through his work we use reason to understand. Can anyone believe in God without reason? No. Can a man through reason know God? No. Then a discussion of reason and faith. Can we use only a little reason? Can we use only reason? No. All these experiences we can understand. The example of mother loving a child: accept the conclusion that mother loves the child. The child feels love from the mother therefore it is a logically and reasonable conclusion.

Therefore using our own reasoning we may able to deduce and come to an understanding. Through God’s works we find out the attributes of God. This is the process by everyone that uses their reason. In evangelism we use this too. To know the attributes of God. For example, footprints. How do we know there was someone there? Through our reason. Looking at the universe, it is like a footprint, we know that someone must have created it. From effect we learn the cause. And that cause we name him as God. From this attribute we find the essence of God.

2.        Essence of God

From God’s works we see the act. But from his attributes, we know the essence of God, that is the divine nature. We see the universe; we know that God is Creator. We know that everything is in order. We know that God is almighty. We receive healing. We know God, healer of our disease, is love. There is act and there is love. We know the attribute of God is creator. We cannot create all this. Only God can.

This method of reasoning is limited that the works of God does not represent all his works. Because our knowledge is limited. Therefore we cannot limit the works of God to our knowledge. It is just like when we see a couple, twice at the most, and then we make a conclusion. But then this conclusion is only partially true. Generalising is wrong. To say that something we have observed is always what we observed.

Those who use this method. Method is neutral. We can use it, but we cannot rely on it. If we use it, we generalise and make it absolute we will come to heresy. In church history, the Trinitarians, they wanted to preserve the doctrine of the one true God. They wanted to reasoning to explain. They focused on one point.

Trinity explains using Bible: Jesus said that my father is greater than me. Therefore Jesus is not equal to the Father. And, “The father sent me.” – I cannot send myself. “I do everything according to the will of my father”- I cannot give birth to myself. “The days only father knows, not even the Son of Man” – I cannot know what I do not know.

There are three masks. Because they are different. Also they add other theories of religion into Trinity; the conclusion is that thought they are one true God. Because Son and Father are different, therefore the name cannot ever be the same. Therefore the Didache, tells us that some people began to change the name in baptism. We can see the logical and reasonable progression away from the truth from the scriptures. Because they believe that they should baptise in Jesus, but then because Jesus is only the name of the Son, then the other two Father and Holy Ghost will be neglected. Therefore they used title instead.

I have read the revelations from what I read in church published books on Godhead. I am my father are one. Father keep them in thy name which thou has given me. We are not limited by the physical level (True Jesus Church 20% emphasis), but we are more focused on the spiritual level (80% emphasis). If time was to be inserted into eternity, it would be like adding nothing. Because it surpasses our mind and reasoning. Space is always limited. Therefore Abraham seeing the land given to him by God.

True Jesus Church Doctrine of God passed down by early workers

·         One God

·         One name

·         One Spirit

If they draw your attention back to the materialistic level, we cannot communicate with them.

If Father was the name, then in the OT there is already this name.

3.        Tradition of the Church

·         Inspiration from God

·         Inspiration from Scriptures

They used two methods – Scientific Method

·         Induction

·         Deduction

·         E.g. Cosmos

·         Classification - induction

·         Earth

·         Evil

·         That belonging to God

·         Apology

·         Then an analysis

·         Then a synthesis

·         Then a hypothesis

·         Then an antithesis

·         E.g. God is almighty

·         Question – That in itself. Double negative.

·         A priori – Before you experience you accept it as your foundation. This is the belief. If you believe that God is almighty, then you can use deduction.

·         Then he can heal my disease.

·         Then he can create everything, etc.

·         If you do not believe in the basic, then the whole theory will collapse.

·         In the bible if it tells us something, then we use it as our principle of our belief or building up of our belief. Sometimes we cannot use our reason to understand what this means, what these principles mean. If these are beyond your experience, they can make (for sometimes these are unreasonable [unable to reason]).

·         If he wants you to answer the question. If he wants to know if God is almighty.

·         This concept is beyond our human reason.

·         Belief cannot come from our own reason.

·         Because you cannot imagine a stone so big.

·         Because this stone will become an almighty stone.

·         Of course Go is almighty, he can create an almighty stone.

·         If the stone is big, without limitation, then this stone becomes God.

·         Therefore there is a contradiction in the question.

·         If God is able to create a stone greater than himself, that he cannot manage it. Then…

·         Time of Plato: People used in the courts: Rhetorical. Pythagoras.

·         Student came to look for him. And teacher teaches the student, establish an argument. Teacher teaches the student until the student has learnt everything. Then both party think this is a good contract. One thinks he will get the money. And the other thinks the same.

·         Jesus did not fall into the limited/confined space and time. Jesus let them calm down.

·         Science uses more the induction method.

·         In preaching we use induction that is exegesis

·         E.g. same word, same point in a book,

·         Our belief is more than this. We have a bible we can read and summarize it.

·         We have to understand who gave us this book.

·         Sometimes you cannot explain everything. In this case, faith is different from experimental thing.

·         God is almighty and love

·         God is almighty

·         God is love

·         If God is able and He attitude towards us is love,

·         Then he should do this thing.

·         Therefore may be God is not almighty

·         Therefore may be God is not love

·         Therefore our original theory is wrong.

·         Pantheism

·         Individual animals should have the highest one. Then there should be a god of the sun, goats, etc. Therefore, this kind of theorizing is like project what my father should be like, rather than for who he is.

·         In Trinitarian belief: they find three individual attributes, then conclude that these are three separate.

·         For example if you find in the bible

·         Gen 6.6  And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.

·         1 Sam 15.11 Regret

·         Jonah 3.9 Regret

·         Possible Conclusion: The God who regrets. The God full of flaw.

·         If you summarise all the negative attributes: cruel, regret, angry, jealousy.

·         If you paint a picture. Then ask people to test the picture. Then tell them the problem with this picture. And then add the colour to complete the perfect picture. How do people see things, and how they see things are not correct. Then we should correct our personal concepts.

·         Arguments to both side

·         Negative side

·         Positive side

·         If you put these two things together, you cannot know God 100%. Because you are also limited as an individual. Acts of God limited to the bible. But then there are acts that God has performed that he has not shown us. What we can see, is limited. Even if we put all the acts or results from the bible, you cannot know God 100%.

·         Test it. Everything has both sides.

·         If using induction, then outline events to come to a generalisation. Then challenge that generalisation whether it is correct or not, whether it is sound or not.

·         New picture of Jesus. They pick out all the bad sides of Jesus. Therefore this shows the limitation of this method.

·         Attributes

·         Omniscient

·         Omnipotent

·         Omnipresent

·         Sometimes you cannot use you reason to understand. By faith you cannot.

If you accept this a priori. Jason is evil. Then what he do is evil. Then I use this as principle. He go to toilet is evil. He drink water is evil. Because I have not experienced. Therefore if we use a a priori method then we use it to interpret other scriptures. Then it is dangerous if the a priori is wrong, it is dangerous.

How to explain all the problems or seemingly contradictory depends on you. We have talked about Trinitarians. They concentrate on the sonship of Jesus. Jesus’ title is son. Son is limited in the salvation plan. Son is under the time and space. Jesus is human. Therefore it is the Father who send the Son to do His will. Father knows, but the Son does not know. Because Son is like you and me, it mentions about the human nature. We are also son. We accept the sonship from the father. If Jesus as son, he cannot know the date. If we are the sons, then we can also know the date of his second coming. Jesus at that moment in time, he only concentrate on the physical or worldly perspective sonship. From eternal perspective, then it is different. If you concentrated only in the spiritual level, then Jesus should know. Therefore there are two levels of Jesus. One who is God. And the other one who is man.  The name of God is Jesus. If Jesus is Father, Jesus is Son, … Because Son of Man is in heaven, then why does he not know? Sonship is limited by time and space. But at the same time, this sonship has two nature: human and divine. From the perspective of human nature, Jesus does not know. Then this is a mystery difficult to understand.

4.        Topic for study

Jn 16.15  All things that the Father has are Mine.

The will of the son is the flesh.

The will of the father is the spirit.

Wonder what mean: He seems to hear, truth, then it is problem the perception of the Son.

Must Jesus use his ears to hear???

Rev 1.8 Jesus is the Lord

When we speak of God we speak from the perspective of eternity. You start from the bottom and deduce. For example Jesus need to hear to understand. Jesus does not understand this and that. That it is like Trinitarian way or philosophical to understand or think about God. Therefore what we have talked about. Our True Jesus Church, whether it is right or wrong. Whether Stephane is right or wrong. Their earliest workers had revelation but no method.

Son has limitation – then leading to the generalisation of the Father and the Son is dangerous. Because at the beginning Jesus was not in the flesh. But we know that he came into the flesh. Then this cannot mean that it can mean that since the beginning he is like that.

Therefore the contradiction forces us to understand that truly God wants us to test our faith towards him. In the midst when we cannot understand everything, we still hold on to His word. Therefore faith does not mean that we can understand everything. Faith does not mean we can reason out everything. For what is the purpose of the scriptures? Salvation!

The almighty is different.

Personifying God down to the human level.

Rationalise everything

The almightiness of God is not different. There is the perception that the almightiness of God seems different because God seeming inability to destroy Satan right from the beginning. But then in the bible it does tell us that God does not change (Jas 1.17) nor can anyone change God (Job 23.13) and we are saved by this attribute (Mal 3.6). Therefore the almightiness from the beginning of the Creation to the defeat of Satan does not change.