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The Book of Jeremiah 39-40

JEREMIAH Ch. 39 and Ch. 40

I.       JEREMIAH Ch. 39

Jerusalem Captured by Babylon

A.     The fall of Jerusalem (39:1-10) < Judgment  (Ref. 27:1- )

1.        Historical background (1-3)

2.        King Zedekiah and people’s fate (4-10)

In BC586 (11th year of Zedekiah) city of Jerusalem was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar after two years of surround.

The temple of God in Jerusalem was destroyed after 400 years Solomon built it.

·         Teaching:

 a.      God’s word is always come true (Deut 8:11-20, 2Tim 3:15-17)

 b.      Those who do not submit the word of God have to face God’s judgment (Deut 28:15, Jer 38:17;21)

 c.      Without the spiritual substance, physical and material things have no longer meaning in them.

 d.      God’s love and justice.

B.     The deliverance of Jeremiah and God’s assurance of protection of Ebed-Melech from the destruction of Jerusalem (39:11-18) < Salvation

1.        Deliverance of Jeremiah (11-14)

2.        God’s salvation and protection for Ebed-Melech (15-18)

·         Teaching:

 a.      God always remember those who listen and believe and practice His word  (Josh6:22-25).

 b.      God’s concerning is always personal.

 c.      True security comes from God not man.

II.    JEREMIAH Ch. 40

Jeremiah freed and remained in Judah

A.     Jeremiah freed (1-6)

1.        The bodyguard relesed Jeremiah and his words (2-5)

2.        Jeremiah remained with his people (6)

·         Teaching:

 a.      Following with God’s will

 b.      Suffering with his people.

B.     Gedaliah’s governing (7-12)

1.        People came to him (7-8)

2.        Gedaliah’s work (9-12)

·         Teaching:

 a.      Following of God’s will  lead us prosperity and security.

 b.      True wisdom comes from God not man.

C.     Ishmael’s plan for assassination (13-16)

·         Teaching:

 a.      Over trust man lead our life can make a mistake.

 b.      Prudent discernment makes our life secure and easier.

Publisher: True Jesus Church