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The Book of Jeremiah 41-42

Jeremiah Chapter 41-42

I.       Chapter 41: The assassination of Gedaliah

A.     Gedaliah assassinated(1-10)

B.     Ishmael fled (11-18)

C.     Questions:

1.        Why did Ishmael assassinate Gedaliah?

2.        What is the consequence of the assassination?

3.        What did historical events means to His chosen people?

II.    Chapter 42: The flight to Egypt forbidden

A.     Ask for guidance in distress(1-6)

1.        approached the prophet for God’s guidance (1-3)

2.        Jeremiah standing between God and man (4-6)

B.     God’s response to their inquire(7-22)

1.        The word of God came to Jeremiah (7-9)

2.        God’s promise for abidance(9-12)

3.        the consequence of rebellious(13-17)

4.        The warning for disobedience(18-22)

C.     Questions:

1.        Why did the chosen seek after His guidance?

2.        Why did God forbid them to go to Egypt?

3.         Did the chosen really obey God’s instruction? Why?

4.        What does the whole incidence means to us today?

Publisher: True Jesus Church