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The Book of Jeremiah 43-44

The Book of Jeremiah – Chapter 43 and 44

I.       Chapter 43

A.     Outline

·         Jeremiah proclaimed God’s message (1)

·         People did not believe in Jeremiah’s message (2-4)

·         Johanan took all the remnants into the land of Egypt (5-7)

·         Jeremiah prophesied that King of Babylon would strike down Egypt (8-13)

B.     Key Person: Johanan, Jeremiah

·         Johanan was an unfaithful and unbelieving leader, and he was the one who only wanted to hear what he liked to hear. He led the people of Judah to disobey God.

By contrast, Moses is a good leader (Ex 14:13-14, 1 Cor 3:5)

·         Jeremiah was a faithful servant. He kept proclaiming God’s message even though most Jews rejected his words.

C.     Key verse: 10

·         Correspondence verse: Proverbs 21:1

·         This verse manifests that God is mighty God and He is in charge of history of human.

II.    Chapter 44

A.     Outline

·         God warned the Jews who dwell in the land of Egypt through Jeremiah (1-10)

·         God would destroy the Jews who dwelt in Egypt (11-14)

·         The Jews in Egypt persisted in worshipping gods (15-19)

·         Jeremiah warned those who persist in worshipping gods (20-28)

·         Jeremiah prophesied that Egypt would be defeated by Babylon (29-30)

B.     Key person: The Jews, men and women

·         The Jews were controlled by sin; they could not transcend the bondage of culture and tradition.

·         Men and women against Jeremiah together, and women got involved in fighting against Jeremiah. (The wicked of their wives, the wicked of your wives (9))

C.     Key phrase:

·         Set their face to go into the land of Egypt (12)

·         Jesus set his face to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51)

·         Set my face against you (11, Ps 34:16)

D.     Key verse: 4

·         The same message is still resounding on our ears today.

Publisher: True Jesus Church