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The Book of Jeremiah 49-50

Jeremiah Ch. 49-50

I.       Jeremiah Ch.49 Prophecies against the nations

A.     v.1-6 Prophecies against Ammon

1.        The Ammonites coveted and occupied Israel’s land (v.1)

2.        God’s punishment (v.2-3)

 a.      Rabbah shall become a desolate mound

 b.      Her villages shall be burned with fire

 c.      Israel shall dispossess their land

 d.      They shall be plundered

 e.      They shall be taken into captivity

3.        Characteristics of Ammon (v.4)

 a.      Boastful

 b.      Trusted in their treasure

4.        God’s mercy (v.6)

God will bring back the captives of Ammon

B.     v.7-22 Drinking the cup of wine of God’s wrath

1.        v.7-22 Prophecies against Edom

2.        v.23-27 Prophecies against Damascus

3.        v.28-33 Prophecies against Kedar

4.        v.34-39 Prophecies against Elam

II.    Jeremiah Ch. 50

A.     v.1-3 Prophesies concerning the desolation of Babylon

B.     v.4-7 Concerning God’s people.

C.     v.8-13 Judgment pronounced against the Babylonians

D.     v.14-16 Concerning the Persians

E.     v.17-20 Concerning Israel

F.      v.21-27 Concerning the Persians and the Babylonians

G.     v. 28 God’s vengeance for His temple

H.    v.29-32 Prophesies concerning the destruction of Babylon

I.       v.33-34 The Lord frees the Israelites from the oppressors

J.      v.35-46 Prophesies against the Chaldeans


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