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Items related to "Worship God in Spirit and in Truth".

What is the difference between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?        
The Spirit of Truth or the Spirit of Error?        
The apostle John warned us that the spirit of error, the very same spirit of the Antichrist, can be found right among us. What can we do to identify and protect ourselves from this destructive power?
If Jesus is God, why was He human?        
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Chapter 14: One God in Jesus Christ        
Theology (The Doctrine of God)        
Jesus the True God        
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The Doctrine of One True God        
A Life of Nobility: How to Please God and Man        
The Truth of the Tabernacle        
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The Renewal Of Life (4-3): Becoming A New Person In The Spirit of God     By Derren Liang        
Worship The True God     By H.H. Ko        
The Doctrine of One True God (4-1)     By M.S. Tsai        
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