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Understanding the Purpose of Your Life        
You can have your sights set on some destination ahead, and still feel lost. You can work hard to materialize the image in your mind and still wake up in mid-life feeling unsettled and unsatisfied. So how do you find the true purpose for your life in this

Seeking God's Will for Your Studies and Ultimately Your Life        
How do you choose a field of study? Prepare for a career? Find out what God wants you to do.

Isn't the Bible full of inaccuracies?        

Isn't the Bible outdated?        

Abbreviations of the Books of the Bible        

Mothers In the Bible        
Have you ever reflected and learned from your parents’ successes and failures in bringing up your children in the Lord? What kind of teachings and morals are you imparting on your children in the things you say and do?

Doesn't everyone just interpret the Bible differently?        

Is there a common prayer in the Bible for all believers?        

How do I know the Bible has not been changed over the years?        

Why doesn't the Bible record the disciples washing others" feet?        

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