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Title Speaker Language Place Event Date Type Format
A Life That Changes Water into Wine Derren Liang Chinese Mandarin/English Pacifica 09/08/2018 Sermon
A Life That Is Not in Vain Timothy Yeung Chinese Mandarin/English Burnaby 03/03/2023 Sermon
A Life Where Water Becomes Wine Derren Liang Chinese Mandarin/English San Jose 02/20/2021 Sermon
A Life with God as Our Shepherd Enoch Hou Chinese Mandarin/English Irvine 07/28/2018 Sermon
A Life without Regret: Walking with God M.S. Tsai Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver Sermon
A Life without Shame Steve Hwang Chinese Mandarin/English Pacifica 09/20/2000 Sermon
A Lily Among Thorns Wen-Chuan Yeh Chinese Mandarin/English Garden Grove 01/15/2018 Sermon
A Lily among Thorns Enoch Hou Chinese Mandarin/English Cerritos 12/27/2013 Sermon
A Lily Among Thorns Gien-Hung Chen Chinese Mandarin/English Canoga Park 08/03/2013 Sermon
A Little Bread, Yet Bountiful Grace of God Tae-Hoon Jung English/Chinese Mandarin Canoga Park 10/20/2013 Sermon

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