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Title Speaker Language Place Event Date Type Format
Footwashing Steve Hwang English/Chinese Mandarin Canoga Park 04/13/2008 Sermon
Be Joyful in the Lord Chung Yang Chen Chinese Mandarin/English San Jose 04/19/2008 Sermon
The Voice from Heaven (4) Tong-Haw Chien Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver Sermon
Book of Joshua Tae-Hoon Jung English/Chinese Mandarin Canoga Park 12/23/2017 Sermon
Members Multiplied in the Apostolic Church (4) Derren Liang Chinese Mandarin/English Irvine 09/01/2010 Sermon
The Lord’s Hand Touch My Mouth Enoch Hou Chinese Mandarin/English Garden Grove 12/14/2019 Sermon
Theological School in the Wilderness H. T. Chen Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver Sermon
Brief Experiences in the Spiritual Realm (2-1) S.D. Tsai Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver Sermon
Pillars of the Temple Jonathan Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Flushing 02/11/2023 Sermon
In Everything Give Thanks En-Yuan Ho Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver 08/23/2009 Sermon

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