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Title Speaker Language Place Event Date Type Format
Your Righteousness Surpasses that of the Pharisees and the Teachers of Law Jonathan Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Hillsborough 06/27/2015 Sermon
The Judgment of the Mighty One Raymond Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Ontario 11/27/2021 Sermon
Songs of Ascents (8): Pursuing after Goodness and Pleasantness H.H. Ko Chinese Mandarin/English Pacifica 03/03/2002 Sermon
Hear! The Awesome and Lovely Voice of God Enoch Hou Chinese Mandarin/English Garden Grove 01/18/2016 Sermon
Steadfast to the Truth Yung-Ji Lin Chinese Mandarin/English Garden Grove 09/17/2012 Sermon
The Sin and Trespass Offerings Samuel Kuo English/Chinese Mandarin Queens 03/11/2022 Sermon
Preaching the Gospel H.H. Tien Chinese Mandarin/English San Jose 12/13/1998 Sermon
The Blessed One Derren Liang Chinese Mandarin/English San Jose 10/01/1998 Sermon
Principles of the Kings Raymond Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Cerritos 09/01/2020 Sermon
God's Promised Holy Spirit Chun-Hung Chou Chinese Mandarin/English San Jose 11/22/2013 Sermon

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