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Title Speaker Language Place Event Date Type Format
Breaking Through Life's Darkness Timothy Yeung Chinese Mandarin/English Monthly Evangelical Service 07/14/2007 Sermon
Blessed Are Those Who Keep the Word S.T. Hsieh Chinese Mandarin/English Sermon
Betroth to Christ Timothy Yeung English/Chinese Mandarin 01/05/2008 Sermon
Being Successful and All Things Working Together S.T. Hsieh Chinese Mandarin/English Sermon
Be Strong in the Grace Steve Hwang English/ Sermon
Be Joyful Always Timothy Yeung Chinese Mandarin/English 01/12/2008 Sermon
Be An Imitator of Christ Tae-Hoon Jung English/ Sermon
Be a Visionary Christian Timothy Yeung Chinese Mandarin/English 2007 Winter SSC 12/26/2007 Sermon
Be a Nazarite Steve Hwang English/ Sermon
At Your Word I will Let down the Net M.S. Tsai Chinese Mandarin/English Sermon

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