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Title Speaker Language Place Event Date Type Format
Family Bible Study (2) Steve Hwang Chinese Mandarin/English Baldwin Park 05/01/2010 Lecture
Sabbath (1) F.H. Chong English/ London Africa Voluntary Seminar Lecture
We Are Servants of God (1) Gien-Hung Chen English/ Baldwin Park 05/22/2015 Lecture
NYTS Sabbath Morning Sermon- Passing and Receiving the Baton Of Faith Vuthy Nol-Mantia English/Chinese Mandarin Irvine 08/02/2014 Lecture
Morning Prayer: Elijah was a Man with a Nature Like Ours Vuthy Nol-Mantia English/ Baldwin Park 07/24/2013 Lecture
A Reason for the Hope That is in You Enoch Hou English/ Cerritos 12/27/2015 Lecture
The Book of Hebrews (5) Steve Hwang Chinese Mandarin/English Hillsborough 11/15/2017 Lecture
Parables of Jesus (2) Vuthy Nol-Mantia English/ Baldwin Park 06/19/2012 Lecture
Genesis (5) Jonathan Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Baldwin Park NYTS 2004 07/26/2004 Lecture
Holy Communion, Living Reverence of God (5) Derren Liang English/ Baldwin Park 06/27/2012 Lecture

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