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Essential Biblical Doctrines        

The Doctrine of Footwashing     By True Jesus Church        
Part of the Doctrinal Series, the Doctrine of Footwashing is a detailed and systematic exposition on the basic belief of the True Jesus Church on the sacrament of foot washing.

The Doctrine of Sabbath        
A comprehensive look at the origin of the Sabbath day, its observance through the ages, and the historical factors that led to Sunday observance. The book offers an insight into God’s gracious intentions, and how Christians should be keeping this holy day in this era of grace.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit     By Elder Shun Dao Hsieh        
This book is the 2nd edition English adaptation of an original work by Elder Shun Dao Hsieh. It is a detailed study of the Holy Spirit from a biblical perspective. It looks at the identity of the Spirit, His work and importantly His role in our salvation. A central topic is the baptism of the Holy Spirit: the primary evidence, and common misconceptions. It also contains personal testimonies.