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Manna 96: Spiritual Nurture: Prayer        
How can we establish an effective prayer practice that will help us overcome our doubts and spiritual weaknesses? How can we learn to cherish prayer and allow it to nurture a deeper, vibrant, and more active connection with God?

Manna 95: Time to Reflect: Our Life        
In this final issue of our "Time to Reflect" trilogy, we consider the meaning of our life, and how to live a life worthy of our calling. How does receiving God’s truth and grace of salvation define our existence on earth? Like Paul, once we have been saved, we should dedicate our lives to God. This represents a healthy relationship with God.

Manna 94: Time to Reflect: Our Beliefs        

Manna 93: Time to Reflect: Our Faith        

Manna 92: Be Rooted and Grow        
A youth-targeted issue to encourage youths to cultivate a rooted faith.

Manna 91: Building Altars        
Building an altar in our household plays a central role in our journey of faith.

Manna 90: In The Day of Trouble        
God brings calamity to allow us the time to pause, reflect, and revive true worship.

Manna 89: Discern the Time and Judge What is Right        
The urgent need to discern the time, as the end of all things is at hand.

Manna 88: Our Walk With God        
How should fear define our relationship with God?

Manna 87: Feed My Lambs, Tend My Sheep        
Feed and tend the flock, so that the church may grow in God’s love.

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