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Family: What God Has Joined, Let No Man Separate (Part 2)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Upholding the biblical principles of marriage.

Why I Got Rid of Cable TV        
Is there anything wrong with watching television?

The Widow Sought God’s Help     By Barnabas Chong        
The many layers of grace in the story of Elisha helping a widow in a hopeless situation. 

Building Our Family Altar     By Guat Kim Tan        
Is God the center of our home?

Grace, Mercy, Peace     By Jachin        
Three things we need from God to see us through our present troubles.

Treasured Moments with God: How God Walked with Me Through Graduate School     By Lois Kuo        
A bumpy road paved with God’s love.

Testimonies From The Covid-19 Front Line     By Various        
God’s grace upon members who caught the virus while working in the medical field.

Complete Faith: Whatever God’s Will May Be     By Hosea        
Daniel’s friends had complete faith in God’s deliverance, as well as His sovereign will.

A Child-Like Heart        
Has pursuing after the world led you astray from the Lord? If you are going through some difficult trials, how do you fill the emptiness in your heart? The Lord Jesus is asking you to return to Him and find true peace and joy. What is your answer to Him?

Participating in the Election Process: An Opportunity to Be Salt and Light        
Voting can be a chance to share our faith.

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