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Grace upon Grace        
A brother recounts the blessings that he received towards the end of his life.

The Great Physician     By Lock Chin Wong        
A sister’s miraculous healing.

Healed from the Inside Out     By Steffi Joeng        
A teenager’s spiritual renewal through cancer.

God Revealed His Church to Me        
A brother's journey to believing in the true church.

Transformed By The Spirit        
Have you ever felt lost and out of control in your life? Listen to the voice of God and seek after His Holy Spirit. For it will empower you to overcome sin and renew your faith in Him.

At the End of the Rainbow        
You will be amazed by how you can touch people’s lives simply by keeping a journal of your reflections and thoughts to God. Here are the words of a fourteen year old, and how his journals comforted his mom after his passing.

The Lord Healed Me of My Leukemia        

Great is God's Faithfulness        
Overcoming trials, tribulations, and heart surgery.

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