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From Idols to Salvation        
Searching for Jesus after worshipping idols fails to bring relief.

Giving Thanks in all Circumstances        
Growing in faith during a family crisis.

How I Found My Spiritual Family        
From emptiness and hopelessness to love and joy.

Believe God and Acknowledge Him     By David Lee        
Lessons learned from cancer.

Finding Hope and a Purpose     By Wun-Chiao Cheung        

My Family's Conversion to Christianity     By James Lee        

Together in Heaven     By Lemuel Leong        

Sufficient Grace     By Paul Chen        
Recalling God’s love and guidance during difficult times.

Remembering God's Grace and Glory     By Christine Chen        
A daughter’s medical condition brings timely reminders in faith.

Seek and You Shall Find     By Susan Lu        
My journey to belief and baptism.

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