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Kept in the Hands of God     By James Liu        

A Life of Grace     By Daniel Liew        

Finding New Life Through God     By J. Chen        

God Guides Our Steps (Part 2)     By Various        

God Guides Our Steps     By Various        

God’s Mercy In Times Of Sin     By redeemed son        

Evangelism: Inspired by Jesus: My Evangelistic Wedding     By Mellisa Ho        
How planning a dream wedding became an opportunity to preach.

The Power of Zealous Prayers in the African Ministry (Part 2)     By AMC Volunteers        
God’s grace and guidance of the African pioneering work.

The Lord Delivers His Servants     By Lemuel Leong and Helen Choi        
Testimonies of God’s healing upon His workers.

Setting Kindness On Fire In The Dominican Republic     By DR Ministry Volunteers        
The joys of bringing the truth to this Caribbean nation.

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