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Guided by God's Hand        
How the Holy Spirit led a sister to find the true God and salvation.

Grace upon Grace        
A brother recounts the blessings that he received towards the end of his life.

Restored by God        
Learning to rely on God through Graves' disease.

God Revealed His Church to Me        
A brother's journey to believing in the true church.

Great is God's Faithfulness        
Overcoming trials, tribulations, and heart surgery.

God Has Always Been with Me        
A serious case of depression and insomnia leads to a renewed faith.

From Idols to Salvation        
Searching for Jesus after worshipping idols fails to bring relief.

Giving Thanks in all Circumstances        
Growing in faith during a family crisis.

How I Found My Spiritual Family        
From emptiness and hopelessness to love and joy.

The Golden Boat        
God's mercy and guidance led me through all of my doubts and questions.

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