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2006 NYTS Testimonies (1)

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1. Joanne Wu [ 1:40-31:03 ] - Originally truth-seeking in Taiwan, Joanne converted to a newly baptized member after going to study in America and receiving evangelism from a sister. She shares how the Holy Spirit helped her to experience God, how she learned to draw closer to God, and how she relied on God to get a job.

2. Joannie Yeh [ 31:04-45:24 ] - Joannie, who graduated from college in Philadelphia and found a job in Chicago, shares how she found a job in biology research. She went to SSC as a counselor and attended NYTS before she got a job and worked for a year before attending graduate school.

3. Anessa Liew [ 45:25-1:07:12 ] - Anessa, from Cambridge, UK, shares how she overcame loneliness in her first year of university. To keep the Sabbath day, she formed a campus fellowship with another sister and brother to meet every Saturday. However, a demon showed up and tried to scare them during a Friday night Bible study. By keeping her eyes on God and making the choice to stay in the Lord, God gave her strength to face her weaknesses.
Type Testimony
Duration 01:14:55
Speaker NYTS Students
Language English/
Place Baldwin Park
Date 07/26/2006
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