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I Can't Trust the Bible
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“I can’t trust the Bible.”

“The Bible is full of mistakes.”

No scientific or archaeological discovery has ever disproved any of the Bible’s accounts. In fact, certain biblical passages that were thought to be mistakes have later been confirmed to be true. Error lies not in the Bible, but in our misinterpretation resulting from our limited knowledge. As we continue to learn about the world around us, we gain a better understanding of biblical claims and God’s greatness.

Besides, to read the Bible solely as a scientific manual or a historical account would be missing its point. We ought to read the Bible to learn about God and his salvation.

“The Bible is outdated.”

People of different generations, cultures, and upbringings have all proclaimed the power of the Bible in their lives. Why would the Bible strike a chord in so many hearts?

For one thing, the basic problems of human life remain the same: how to deal with evil and suffering, how to find something lasting in a life so finite and frail, and, ultimately, how to receive eternal life. The Bible gives us the answer to our problems, a solution that’s good for all ages: Jesus Christ. To see for yourself what the Bible is good for, you can’t just skim through or read it like any other book; you have to put its teachings into practice in your life.

“The Bible has been altered over time.”

A vast number of biblical manuscripts have been discovered over time. Did you know that there are 37 times more copies of the New Testament manuscripts than copies of Homer’s Iliad? The fact that these biblical manuscripts agree with each other assures us that the Bible has not been altered over time. To be skeptical of the biblical text’s accuracy is to discredit all classical works of antiquity, because no other text has been as well-kept.

“The Bible is written by human authors.”

No work of literature written over thousands of years by over thirty writers from various walks of life can deliver a coherent and consistent message. The Bible does. No storybook has the authority to make claims about heaven and hell or to make promises concerning life after death. The Bible does. No ordinary book could have accurately made so many prophecies about events in human history and about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible has.

The Bible deals with the basic problems of human life and points to a single solution: salvation through Jesus Christ. Who else but God has the perspective and authority to inspire such a book? The Bible was penned by humans; God revealed its contents.

“The Bible doesn’t make sense.”

Just because we can’t appreciate an abstract painting doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Just because a foreign language seems like gibberish doesn’t mean that it is.

The same goes with the Bible. Using limited human vocabulary to describe profound spiritual truth, the Bible may at first appear to be incomprehensible. However, because God inspired it, he will help us understand it if we read it prayerfully and reverently. Reading the Bible is different from reading any other book because it is the word of God set before us concretely. Through the Bible, God shows us who he is and how he saves us. God’s own words give us life, and that’s how the Bible can change us profoundly.


The Bible is unique. Many have tried to burn it, ban it, criticize it, and ridicule it, yet it continues to be spread throughout the world, carrying God's message of life and salvation wherever it goes.

Trust that it is worthy to read and commit yourself to God's guidance. Study it, pray over it, discuss it with others, and act according to how much of it you understand. Read it to know who God is and how you can have a personal relationship with him. Through the Bible, God will continue to reveal his wisdom to you, and you will see that the book will change your life, just as it has done for millions of people.

Publisher: True Jesus Church