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8: True Religion in the Kingdom (Mt 6:1-18)
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8: True Religion in the Kingdom (Mt 6:1-18)

I.       The Basics

A.     Setting

This section continues with the teachings on the mount. Based on the theme of the new order of the Law, the Lord Jesus went on to teach the disciples and the crowd about true worship.

B.     Key Verse

            “…and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly” (6:4,6,18).

C.     Did You Know…?

1.       Fast (6:16): As far as general Jewish practice is concerned, the Day of Atonement is the only annual fast referred to in the New Testament (see Acts 27:9). Some strict Pharisees fasted every Monday and Thursday (see Lk. 18:12). Other devout Jews, like Anna, might fast often. 7/419

II.    Observation

A.     Outline







B.     Key Words/Phrases

III. General Analysis

1.       As in the previous section, record the recurring pattern and summarize the teachings in this section.

2.       Based on the context of this passage, define the term “hypocrites.”

3.       If we are to do good deeds, pray, and fast in secret, should we refrain from any of these things when there are people around? Explain your answer.

IV.  Segment Analysis

A.     6:5-15

1. Record the themes in the Lord’s prayer.

2. Why is addressing God as “our Father” significant?

Explain the following:

3a. Hallowed be your name:

3b. Your kingdom come:

3c. Do not lead us into temptation:

4. How does the teaching that we should not use vain repetitions in our prayers apply to us? Does it mean that we should not make lengthy prayers or pray about the same things more than once?

5. Is the Lord teaching us to just recite the Lord’s prayer every time we pray? How should the Lord’s prayer apply to us?

6. Note the use of the words, “our” and “us” in the Lord’s prayer. What does this teach us?

B.     6:16-18

7. What is the purpose of fasting?

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