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16: Rejection of the King (2) (Mt 12:1-21)
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16: Rejection of the King (2) (Mt 12:1-21)

I.       The Basics

A.     Setting

Despite the many miraculous work that Jesus had performed in Galilee, most people were unrepentant. In this section, the Pharisees attempted to find grounds for accusing Jesus. The opposition grew to such intensity that they began plotting for Jesus’ death.

B.     Key Verse

            “For the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath” (12:8).

C.     Did You Know…?

1.       Plucking heads of grain (12:1): According to the Pharisees, plucking wheat from its stem is reaping, rubbing the wheat heads between one’s palms is threshing, and blowing away the chaff is winnowing! 12/45

2.       Showbread/consecrated bread (12:4): lit. ‘bread of the face’, i.e. bread set before the face or presence of God (Ex. 25:30; 35:13; 39:36, etc.)… The showbread consisted of twelve baked cakes, made of fine flour, each containing two-tenths of an ephah… These were set in two rows, six to a row (ma’areket, Lv. xxiv. 6). 7/1183

3.       Priests profane the sabbath (12:5): By definition, priestly duties are considered “work.” In this sense, the priests profaned the Sabbath by doing work associated with the sacrifices on this day (cf. Numbers 28:9).

II.    Observation

A.     Outline





B.     Key Words/Phrases

III. General Analysis

1. Read the following passages for some background information and briefly summarize each subject.

1a. Showbread: Lev 24:5-9

1b. David: 1Sam 21:1-6

1c. Priests: Num 28:9-10

1d. Mercy: Hos 6:6 (cf Mt 9:13)

IV.  Segment Analysis

A.     12:1-14

1a. How did the examples of David eating the showbread and the priests in the temple answer the Pharisee’s accusation?

1b. What did Jesus mean by, “the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath”?

2. Point out the mistake in using this passage to support the belief that the Lord did away with the Sabbath.

3. How was the question in verse 10 intended to be a trap?

4. What are the basic spiritual principles in this paragraph that the Lord wanted to point out to His accusers?

5. If the Lord Jesus did not abolish the Sabbath, what types of things can we do on the sabbath? Base your answer on this passage.

6. How have we sometimes neglected mercy while we “offer sacrifice”?

7a. What do you think was the Pharisees’ motive for plotting against Jesus?

7b. What can we learn from this regarding our attitude toward God and relationship with others?

B.     12:15-21

8. What is your impression when reading the words of Isaiah? Refer also to Isa 42:1-4 for the source of the quotation.

9. In what ways did Jesus fulfill this Messianic prophecy?

10. Compare the Pharisees and the Lord Jesus in their attitude and actions. What do they teach us about the right way of fighting for truth and justice?

11. Describe an experience in which you were like a “bruised reed” and “smoking flax” but God showed you His tender love.

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