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Lesson 6
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Lesson 6

I.       Observation

A.     Outline

The Characters of the Kingdom’s Citizens (5:1-12)

The beatitudes (1-10)

Expansion on the last beatitude (11-12)

The Influence of the Kingdom’s Citizens (5:13-16)

Salt of the earth (13)

Light of the world (14-16)

B.     Key Words/Phrases

Teach, blessed, righteousness, kingdom of heaven, salt, light, good works.

II.    General Analysis

1a. Jesus’ disciples (verses 1 and 2)

1b. Yes. See 7:28 and Lk 6:17

III. Segment Analysis

1. Those who humbly acknowledge their spiritual inadequacy are true citizens of God’s kingdom.

The contrite in heart and the afflicted will find forgiveness and joy in God (Ps 119:136; Isa 40:1; Rev 7:17).

Those who deal humbly and gently with others will receive God’s promises and enter the heavenly inheritance (cf 11:29: 21:5; Jas 3:13).

Those who are eager to know and do God’s will be satisfied when God’s kingdom is fully realized (2Pet 3:13).

The forgiving and compassionate will receive God’s mercy (6:12-15; 18:33-34).

The upright in heart will meet God face to face (Ps 24:3-6; Heb 12:14; 1Jn 3:1-3).

Those who bring reconciliation to others and preach the good tiding of the gospel will be true heirs to God’s kingdom.

Those who suffer persecution, insult, and slander for doing what is right and for following Christ are true citizens of God’s kingdom (1Pet 2:19-21).

2. The kingdom of heaven begins here and now when our hearts conform to God’s will.

3. Righteousness refers to being obedient to God’s will and imitating Christ. Notice that “for my sake” in verse 11 parallels “for righteousness” sake in verse 10.

4. The blessings in the beatitudes have to do with spiritual standing and rewards rather than material riches or physical well being.

The condition for blessing has more to do with our heart and attitude than with how hard we ask God for blessings or how much possession we offer to God.

5. The salt is on the ground. Its function is to season and preserve. Its areas of service seem to be more mundane.

The light is on the stand. Its function is to provide sight and directions. Its effect is more far reaching and more prominent.

6. Just as the salt seasons and preserves, we are to bring God’s goodness to the world and preserve against moral decay in our environment (cf Col 4:6).

As the lamp gives light to everyone around it, we are to manifest God’s truth and goodness to the people around us and thus be a witness for God (1Pet 2:12).

7. Our true value lies not in what we can accomplish for ourselves in the world. God calls us to be Christians so that we may bring God’s qualities to the world. If we fail to meet that expectation, we fail in our duty as Christians and our lives become worthless.

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