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Our Churches in the Philippines
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Our Churches in the Philippines

General Assembly Sabah, East Malaysia

Historical Background

During his theological training at the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) headquarters in Manila, a young pastor from Mansiingan, Bacolod in the Philippines, stumbled upon a dust-covered parcel in a corner of the library. Out of curiosity, he opened the parcel and found that it contained the Words of Life pamphlets published by the International Assembly (IA) of the True Jesus Church. When he read the pamphlets and found they contained biblical truth, he began to distribute them to his family and church members of as well as fellow ministers of the UPC. A group of them later made contact with the English Literature Evangelical Centre in Singapore where the pamphlets were published and requested the centre in Singapore to send missionaries to the Philippines. IA responded to their request and in June 1983, sent Dn John Chin and Pr Chin Mun Loong to visit them. And thus, our church in the Philippines was established.

The Spirit of God continues to work over the years, and during this period, the IA, and later the Southeast Asia Evangelical Centre (SEAEC), have sent a number of full-time ministers to evangelise and to pastor the congregation.

Present Situation

The Lord has guided the church in the Philippines in these past 14 years. By His grace, we now have some 715 brethren situated at the following locations:—

1.   Present situation:           Place                            Members

I.    Church:                            1. Mansilingan            100

                                          2. Pagadian                   176

                                          3. Raw-An (Lanao)       66

                                          4. Maculay                    74

                                          5. Manila                      54

II. Prayer House                 1. Condunggon              16

                                          2. Emelda                     24

                                          3. Bayod                       27

                                          4. Tabina                       32

                                          5. Laperian                   38

                                          6. Lingatan                    34

                                          7. Santa Babara            47

                                          8. Tukuran                    9

                                          9. Aurora                      10

                                          10. Bokong                   8

                                          Total                             715

There are currently four full-time workers in the Philippines.

Fostership by the general assembly (GA) of sabah, malaysia

Through God’s wonderful arrangement, the GA of Sabah has been given the opportunity to look after the church in the Philippines. Charged with this important mission, we need voluntary workers to help conduct seminars for religious education teachers as well as assist in spiritual convocations and evangelistic meetings. Financial assistance is badly needed in the construction of churches, religious education classrooms and training centres, in supporting the full-time workers and in providing education and welfare for the needy. The GA plans to evangelise and pastor the churches through:— maintaining the present 20-minute radio program from the Radio Mindanao station; preparing and distributing more gospel tracts in the local dialects; increasing the frequency of pastoral visits from two to four visits from 1997 onwards; conducting short term theological training courses to train more local workers; and building a training centre complete with modern facilities such as classrooms and living quarters, kitchen, lavatories, bathrooms, at an estimated cost of RM200,000 (US$80,000) inclusive of land purchase, by the year 1999. To implement the above plans successfully for the glory of God, we cordially request your prayers, and invite you to join us as voluntary workers to participate in this challenging task of evangelising and pastoring in the Philippines.


Brothers and sisters who wish to volunteer their services and participate in the Philippine ministry can respond to IA’s letter of 24 November 1996 which calls for voluntary workers. Alternatively, they can also write directly to the GA (Sabah), at the address below.

If you wish to contribute financially, please issue your bank draft/cheque/postal order in favour of “General Assembly True Jesus Church Sabah”, specifying that it is for the Philippines ministry, and forward it to the address below.

You may also wish to remit the funds directly by way of telegraphic transfer to:

Account Holder       General Assembly True Jesus Church Sabah

Account Number     392-019964-001

Bank                      Hong Kong Bank Malaysia Bhd

                  KotaKinabalu Branch, Malaysia

Address      General Assembly of the True Jesus Church, Sal:


Box 10510

      88805 Kota Kinabalu

      Sabali, Malaysia

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