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 (Living Waters 1986 Spring)
The Cost of Prayer
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Prayer is an exercise in the totality of the spirit, mind and body.  If we fail to offer our entire being on the altar of prayer, no power can be generated.  In order to obtain greater rewards, it is necessary to pay a higher price in prayer.

The cost of prayer is the sweat of supplication.  Wrestle hard in the spirit until we have prevailed.  Hold on to God until His blessing comes.

The cost of prayer is the tears of contrition.  Deeply grieve for our own sins and repent with the outpouring of our souls until we receive the assurance of God's forgiveness.

The cost of prayer is long suffering.  Only by the victory over the challenge of time, will we attain the promise of God.  Persistent prayer plus patient waiting will afford us the understanding of God's will and His guidance.

The cost of prayer is suffering of the flesh by fasting and restraining the desires.  When we reduce the desires of the flesh to the lowest level, we will behold God's glory and enjoy the immeasurable spiritual joy.  Through fellowshipping with God face to face, we will reflect the brightness of His divine character.

The cost of prayer is totally denying ourselves and unconditionally surrendering ourselves under God's will.  Not force God to follow our own will and plans, but nail ourselves on the cross in prayer, even determine to suffer or die for God, to the degree of absolute selflessness to Him.  This is the highest price of prayer we must pay in order to accomplish the greatest task for God.

Let us all learn from the prayer of the wrestling of Jacob, the fasting of Moses, the persistence of Elijah and the supplication of the Lord Jesus.