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 (Living Waters 1986 Spring)
Meditating on Death
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            How foolish and hard our hearts!
We think only of the present;
We care little for what will come.

            The days of man will soon fly away,
We ought to understand our lives.
Today we live, tomorrow we may vanish.
When morning dawns, remember,
Night may bring you death.
When evening comes,
Don’t dare promise yourself life next morning.
If you prepare yourself always,
There remains no fear of the sudden death.

            Today learn to die to the world,
Tomorrow live with the Lord.
Today learn to lose the world,
Tomorrow attain the HeavenlyKingdom.
Today pursue hard after holiness,
Tomorrow meet the Lord in peace.
Today learn to bear affliction,
Tomorrow obtain the eternal glory.
Today do the best to make offerings,
Tomorrow store up the heavenly wealth.
Today work for the Lord diligently,
Tomorrow reserve abundant rewards.