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 (Manna 28)
Stephane's Testimony
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Stephane Pelard – Guillaume (Paris, France)

In the name of the Lord Jesus, I testify on how I found the true faith. First let me introduce myself; my name is Stephane. I am from the True Jesus Church in Paris. I have just completed my studies and am currently finishing my national service. During my studies, I met Soung Iran, who later became my best friend. When we did our last year of studies in Southern France, we did not seriously talk about religion. However, after I left France for England for six months, Soung attended church services regularly at the True Jesus Church in Paris because his mother was a member there. Soung told me that this church was a haven of peace for him particularly because of the love of the brothers and sisters there. When I returned to France, Soung then informed me that he had received the Holy Spirit which he described as a waterfall which pours down into your body, adding, “It is according to the Bible. You should come!” I trusted him, but nevertheless I became more and more anxious as the weeks passed. I wanted to check if he was in danger or had joined a sect.

In November 1995 when I first visited the True Jesus Church, I started looking for some ostentatious symbols (typical of cults), but I only saw the white wall. I checked if the church was greedy for money. I noticed no collection. I looked for the “guru”, and I saw Preacher Y M Yang hiding humbly behind the Bible. I listened to the sermon and found it very serious and interesting, but I could not concentrate during the prayer because of the noise. So I decided to attend services for three times to get a better idea. I thought that Jesus could be the God whom I had believed. (I believed in God already, but I did not know if He were Jesus.) I knew that a life without God was meaningless. In addition, I had had this feeling of being tested by God, and sometimes I would speak alone, saying, “Angels, I know you are watching me.” I had always felt that life was a learning process through the many tests and choices given by God. However, religious fanaticism, ostentatious ceremonies, collections during funerals and murders committed using the name of God had discredited Christianity in my eyes.

When I attended service the second time, I felt good in my prayer, and experienced a form of energy on my face. I saw lights and my head was flushed. I thought they had put a magnetic generator in the wall! But later, when I prayed in the air base, I still had the same sensation!

Then I thought that maybe the Bible does contain the words of God. I wanted to know this for sure so I accepted Mt 7:7, “Seek and you will find; knock, and it would be opened”. I started to pray and read the Bible.

After several weeks, I was still weak in faith and prayed to God to help me. One day, as I was at my desk and putting my hands to the front of my eyes, I had a clear vision. I saw a huge geometrical figure like a beautiful net and a sky with thousands of blue stars, a big green star, a white star and a fiery cross turning around on its axis. I did not realize it then but understood later that the fire symbolized the Holy Spirit. That day, I felt a warm sensation on top of my head. In fact, I had this feeling each time I thought about Jesus. I still saw the lights during my prayers. In March 1996, I was baptized with Soung and a sister from Germany.

I began to preach to many people around me, but it did not seem effective. After pondering, I realized it was because I still had not received the Holy Spirit and was not a witness of Jesus. So I repented and stopped preaching. And I had another vision. I saw a golden foot, but I did not understand the message. One week after I stopped preaching, during the Sabbath, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at home. I then understood that the vision of the golden foot was a visual representation of God’s message: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Therefore, we should not hesitate to preach as long as we have the truth! I took up personal evangelism again and as my friends in the army began to express interest, I felt God using me. He was opening the hearts of people! One friend asked me to pray with him. He could feel the movement of the Holy Spirit, and now he often cries in his prayers. Later we had five people from the air base joining us for Bible study and prayer. Two have already accepted the faith.

I really thank God for all He has given me since I was born and for having opened His door of salvation to me.

In France, we have only one church which is located in Paris, with only fifty-five members. The True Jesus Church must save more souls. Please remember all the churches in your prayers so that we may become fishers of men. May God send more reapers.

To the only wise God be glory forever more through Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Author: Stephane Pelard