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What is God?

Since we can’t see God, people often feel as if God doesn’t exist. The Bible says only fools say there is no God (Ps 14:1). The reason we can’t see God is because God is Spirit (Jn 4:24). But even though we don’t see God, God is the source and reason of our existence, whether we recognize this fact or not (Rom 11:35–36). God is unique from other creations, which is an important distinction (Isa 40:18, 25). Never confuse the Creator with the created. God fills the universe and gives life and breath to all things living (Col 1:17–20; Acts 17:25, 28; cf. Eph 1:23). Since God is Spirit, He is not restricted to certain physical locations, like Jerusalem or some sacred temple (Acts 17:24). We might think, “If God is everywhere then isn’t God everything?” Pantheists say, “Everything is God.” But God is not everything, He fills the earth and is Spirit. As human beings, we are limited in how much we know about spiritual things. However, the Bible clearly tells us we are not God, and we ourselves experience we are not God. While we often think we control our destiny, tragedies wake us up to reality. The proud often have to be humbled by their tragedies to realize God’s sovereignty. We do not control the future or the many events in our life. The Bible tells us God’s hand controls life and death (Deut 32:39), which is to tell us God controls our destiny.

Publisher: True Jesus Church