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A Beautiful Life
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A Beautiful Life

An Open Letter to My Beloved

ANON—West Malaysia


My beloved and dearest Wife,


Accept first my most sincere and heartfelt apologies for not being able to find the right words and the proper setting to write this to you. It has been a long time since I have last written to you … too long. The failure of course is entirely mine.

We have both tasted and experienced life together since the time we were united in Holy Matrimony, when we then both walked down the aisle joyously, with much anticipation for our life together after receiving the Lord’s blessings through His minister. What a life - “la dolce vita” … a Beautiful life under the mercies and embrace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Beautiful, not because our life was always filled with sweetness and joy …. No, far from that. We have tasted our fair share of sweet and joyous moments, but we have also tasted sorrows, regret and disappointment aplenty.

Yet Beautiful even in our moments of sorrow, despair and resentment, in times when we were down, when trials, tribulations and adversity were pouring down on us, when the seeds of disagreement, discord and discontentment had sprouted on our path – all these have allowed us to emerge stronger than before … together … under the guidance of our Heavenly Father. A blessing. A Beauty.

In this journey we have travailed together since we exchanged our vows before our Lord. We have since been blessed with offspring, Beautiful and wondrous gifts from our Lord, whom we both love and lavish with much affection. We have christened them all to the Lord, and we have both accepted the heavy duty to bring them up God-fearing. To instill the love of God and Christian values in children in this current corrupt and crumbling world is by no means an easy task; but it allows us the opportunity to serve our Lord as responsible parents and religious teachers, instructing our children in the path of salvation. What Beautiful times we have shared together as a family in laughter and tears, but most of all, in prayer and devotion, with our hands clasped together with that of the little ones. What bliss. What Beauty.

We love and cherish all our gifts and treasures that the Lord has entrusted to us, all Beautiful, all good. As we love them, we learn to love on a higher level than ever before; only now can we begin to fathom the love of the Lord for all of us as His children. Yet one of our treasures has been taken away, our Beautiful child whom we lost, whom our Lord has loved so deeply, so much more than we could ever have. He has been taken back, away from our hugs and kisses, to be with the Lord forever. We miss him dearly, and remember our child in our prayers every day, the child whom we can never again hold in this life who is the Beautiful bond of our family; the child whom we and his siblings will never ever forget.

My wife, my beloved, I thank you for wanting so much for the betterment of our family and for giving up so much personal space and needs for the greater good. I treasure the fact that, over the years, your needs and your wants have been those of the family, over and above that of your personal needs and wants. I admire the courage and inner strength you have found to make the difficult decisions which I have cowered from, often in the face of many malign comments from myself and others too. Although you may have been discouraged, you never lost sight of what was important for you. These are Beautiful attributes. On behalf of our family, I thank you now, but I am sure the children will express their fulsome gratitude in their later years.

I ask that you will never lose sight of compassion and mercy, the true attributes of the Christian life that we profess. This will ensure that the life we have together will always be Beautiful. What are we without the compassion and mercies of God but outcasts in the land of the living dead? Through the mercy of the Lord and His compassion for us, we who are unworthy are made whole through the everlasting love of the Lord.

Do also remember not to be too hasty and impulsive … always think carefully before you act, and be patient as the Lord has been patient with us. He will have His time and His way. Listen to others and keep your ear close at all times to listen out to the soft whisperings of the Lord which can be easily drowned by the rigors and troubles of daily life and routine.

Have faith that the Lord will have His Beautiful path and way. Faith is what happens when the Lord reaches out to us, as He always has and always will, and we respond with complete trust, love and submission. In our life together—yesterday, today and tomorrow—faith does not mean that there are no shocks in store, no crises, no tragedies. It does, however, mean that we will walk with God together, and live this life as husband and wife, as one family, without deserting one another. Although there will be trials, tribulations, pain, sorrows and disagreements, our Lord will always be there with us, giving us support and strength. We must always be there with Him. We must live this Beautiful life together. “La dolce vita”.

My beloved, my wife, flesh of my flesh,

              “Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it” (Song 8:7).


              Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. … let her own works praise her in the gates. (Prov 31:10, 30, 31)



Yours lovingly,

Your Husband

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