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Why Complain?

As children grow, parents can see how they slowly change. When they are very young they are obedient and willing to do any job they are asked to do, even little things like getting a book or throwing something away. But as they grow up, they often start to question the authority of their parents. At times there is a lot of moaning and groaning before a child will do what his or her parents say.

Sometimes we, too, do things reluctantly and voice our complaints. We tend to question things and not do things with a willing heart. Whatever happens to us we grumble, just like the Israelites who murmured in the wilderness because they didn’t have any food (Ex 16:1-3).

Grumbling and irritability prevents us from shining our lights as true Christians. One of the many virtues we must gain is to do things without complaining. If you have this sort of attitude, people can see your good character and follow your actions. It also sets a good example for the younger ones.

One of the main reasons we shouldn’t complain is because it disrupts the unity of the church. If there are a lot of disputes and arguments in the church, how can the church accomplish work or grow in harmony? If students at school, for example, quarrel with the teacher or with each other, how can they learn and grow in knowledge?

Today, let’s help one another without complaining. Let us not murmur or blame God because of the difficult things that have happened to us. We should thank the Lord all the more for the grace and blessings He bestows upon us daily. Let us preach His precious Word for all to hear.

Publisher: True Jesus Church