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Imagine a Life Without Jesus

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had never come to know Jesus? Just look at a blind man whose world is pitch dark! Without Jesus we would not know the truth, and the simple answer to life’s most fundamental questions would be a teasing enigma. Without Jesus we would have no assurance of a rewarding and meaningful life traversing eternity. Without Him we would not even know how to love, or how to live in peace with each other. We would have no one to rely on, and no one before whom we could pour out our hearts in distress and sorrow. So how can anyone who does not have Jesus in his or her life be truly happy and satisfied?

To know Jesus is a grace never to be taken for granted. Having accepted Him into our lives, we no longer live without a point or purpose. Those who do not have Jesus in their lives are like blind men who cannot see where they are going. They are ignorant of the truth, the mystery of God’s salvation plan, and therefore are alienated from the life enjoyed in the Lord. People without Jesus give themselves over to their desires and unwittingly fall into an endless pursuit of material and sensual pleasures. Dissatisfaction, disappointment, and depression get the better of them. Life turns into a downward spiral of physical and mental exhaustion and breakdown.

Today if we have strayed away from Jesus or become distanced from Him, we must quickly examine ourselves. In our hearts we will discover an overwhelming emptiness that needs to be filled. Jesus is watching us, hoping and longing for our return. He wants to fill the void in us with true hope and peace. His Word will be our guide, our strength and comfort through life’s journey. In Him we will find a true friend who is always there for us, who never complains, and who always provides the best answer. In Him we will find a Heavenly Father who rebukes and disciplines when we have done wrong but still cares for us and provides everything that we need. Jesus is our helper and counselor who, as long as we abide in Him, will abide in us always. Therefore let His Word and love fill our hearts always, and He will truly become a part of our life—a life full of meaning and hope, a life that will eventually translate into eternal glory in heaven.

Publisher: True Jesus Church