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Falling Short of God's Glory

According to Isaiah chapter 43, God created a community for His own glory, that they might proclaim His virtues. Yet if we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, how can we then proclaim His glorious deeds? God's purpose is not fulfilled. How grieved He must be!

Fearing God and obeying His commands is humanity's responsibility to God, for God is the source of all things living. His grace is as high as the heavens and as deep as the seas. Yet through Adam's disobedience, sin entered the world, staining the human soul and ruling in corrupted hearts. Sin causes humankind to continuously fall short of God's glory. The apostle Paul said that the good he wanted to do he did not do, but the evil he did not want to do he kept on doing. What a great conflict! As carnal beings, we are sold as slaves to sin.

Adam's failure caused all human nature to fall short of God's glory. But Jesus Christ's victory over death sets the captives free from the power of sin, and glorifies God even more abundantly. The precious blood of Jesus will wash away our sins, and the Spirit of Jesus will help us abandon our evil desires.

Proclaiming His praise and drawing all people under heaven to Him is the commission Christ has given us. Freely we have received, freely we must give. Those who fail to fulfill this commission fail to glorify God and reveal the value of human existence.

A king is glorified if he has many subjects in his empire; a kingdom declines if it has only a few subjects. Our God is King of all kings. In order to glorify our King, let us go out into all the earth and bring more people into His kingdom. Those who hear and obey will be set free from the law of sin. Under His reign, they will lead a triumphant life in this world everyday.

Publisher: True Jesus Church