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Strength to Endure

I cannot remember exactly when or how I came across this verse. I can only remember it was in a time of deepest distress, when I felt like there was no way out. Somehow I came across this verse, and it was like a stone thrown into a still pond. My heart was stirred, and the ripples spread into every corner of my being.

At that moment, I began to understand one thing: there is always hope for a Christian. God promises He will give us enough strength to deal with every day of our lives. Looking back at the path on which He has led me, I can only marvel at His beautiful planning. There were times when I thought things would never work out, and I would never make it through, but God's guidance and providence was always there, lifting and supporting me every step of the way. The impossible was made possible through Him.

As a Christian, the greatest joy isn’t having a prosperous, untroubled life, but to have the confidence of God's presence every step along our journey. We may not know what lies ahead of us, but we can be sure that the Lord will give us the strength to walk through it all. In our daily lives the Lord teaches us to experience and to understand His words, for faith is not merely knowledge, but the way we live our lives. The saints of old traveled on paths of suffering and tears, and yet God gave them the strength to overcome their days. May we also experience this promise of our Lord and pray to Him daily for the strength to walk to the end.

Publisher: True Jesus Church