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The Joy of the Lord Is Our Strength

The prophet Elijah was a man filled with great power. He possessed such power because the Lord was with him. Elijah once brought 450 prophets of the idol Baal down to the Brook Kishon and executed them all. Not long after, he went up to the top of Carmel, prayed for rain, and was answered by God. At that moment, his heart was filled with joy in the Lord.

With a heart filled with such joy, Elijah had the strength to run a triumphant 17 miles. Things changed, however, when Queen Jezebel issued his death warrant. Elijah lost the initial joy in his heart, and lost the strength to trust in God as well. He fled in fear. He even sank to the point of asking God to take his life away.

During the peak moments of ElijahÂ’s life, not even the prophets of Baal could find room to question the awesome power of God. Elijah was the quintessential spokesperson for God. Yet when his courage failed him, Elijah became so weak, one wonders how he could possibly have been the same person. Elijah forgot the joy that comes with having God as an ally. He forgot to trust. He lost the fragrance that comes from having God in the center of oneÂ’s heart.

You can learn from ElijahÂ’s mistake without having to go down that same path. Keep the joy of the Lord firmly implanted in your heart. "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!" Paul exclaimed (Phil 4:4). DonÂ’t become discouraged. Always rejoice in the Lord, and He will be your source of strength. Share the joy with others. By doing so, you emit the fragrance of a Christian and glorify His name.

Publisher: True Jesus Church