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Do Not Draw Out the Dagger

A judge in Israel named Ehud made himself a double-edged dagger (Judg 3:16). He later used that very same dagger to stab and kill Eglon, the very fat king of Moab. It is interesting to note, however, that Ehud did not bother to draw out the dagger (Judg 3:22). Perhaps he didn't have time—after all, Eglon's servants were outside. But let us imagine what would have happened if Ehud had drawn out his dagger and kept it for himself. After the Moabites were defeated, he could have shown that double-edged dagger to the Israelites as proof that he had killed Eglon with such a unique weapon. The people would have been amazed!

We often hear that our results are the evidence of success. After David killed Goliath, he cut off Goliath's head and kept the sword. These two things were the evidence of his success. After he brought back Goliath's head and sword to Jerusalem (1 Sam 17:54), the people there, and even the priest, recognized David as the one who had killed Goliath (1 Sam 21:9).

But what about Ehud? From the passage above, we can see he neither drew out his dagger nor mentioned to the Israelites that he had killed King Eglon. He did not show any evidence of his accomplishment to the people. What an attitude to learn and imitate! When we accomplish something, it seems very natural to brag about it, especially if others can see the results of what we've done. When other people praise our work, we begin to feel that our own efforts have produced the results. Sooner or later, this kind of attitude leads you to think that triumphs are achieved through your own efforts, and not through the power of God.

Ehud realized that by the hand of God, the Moabites could be defeated. Therefore, it was unnecessary to draw out the dagger and use it as evidence of his success in killing Eglon. When you realize your achievements come with the help of God, you will not boast about yourself. You will not draw out your "dagger" and use it to show off your successes.

Publisher: True Jesus Church