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The Present of Today

People have the instinctive knack of planning things they aspire to achieve. There is always hope in a plan, always comfort in a dream. All the things that we are unable to accomplish we push forward to the future. Perhaps we think that by doing so, those aspirations may stay alive, and we can feel content with those good intentions. Yet in the midst of planning and dreaming and hoping, somehow, we lose sight of today. The future becomes a gift in our eyes, but today becomes an ordinary time, squandered in waiting. If every day is spent waiting, the future will never come. Our hopes and plans remain merely hopes and plans.

Appreciating time is wise in God's eyes. Acknowledging that the Lord gives each day according to His grace is wisdom to strive for. Yesterday was time past, tomorrow is time to come, and today? Today is the present—the gift, if you will—of time.

Today is a precious gift because it is the foundation of the future. Without today, nothing of the future can be realized. How successful or unsuccessful our future may be is a direct expression of how we chose to live out the present. Let us be careful not to procrastinate, to wile away the potential of each day God grants us. Let us not put off all that we can do for Christ today.

Embrace the gift of every day all the more, for we live today by the grace of God. God provides us with health, prosperity, and peace. So today, let us repay Him in full. Extend every effort to make this day a genuine expression of God's glory. Give Him our best—offering, serving, walking in faith—lest we fall short of our duty and lose the grace of God. When we acknowledge that the numbering of our days begins with the present, the wisdom of knowing time becomes a beautifully unravelled gift.

Publisher: True Jesus Church