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Spiritual Headlights

In the old days when people traveled on foot, they would take oil lanterns with them to light their way when they traveled at the night. Today, we’ve done away with the foot-travel and lanterns, and we’ve replaced them with cars and headlights. But the idea is still the same: We’re on a journey, and we need light to guide our path.

We are travelers on a spiritual journey, and our ultimate destination is heaven. Each decision we make draws us closer to our destination or farther away. Some travelers head straight for the goal without turning to the right or left, while others take the long, circuitous route with several U-turns and detours. And then there are those who never make it to their destination.

So how can we make sure that we reach our destination, and with the most efficient route? We have to constantly have our “headlights” on. If you’ve ever turned off the headlights as you’re driving on a deserted road, you’ll realize how horrifying and dangerous it is to be without light. You could to take the wrong road, or even worse, veer off the road completely.

In the same way, we need God’s word to constantly shed light on the roads we take and the decisions we make—the big ones as well as the everyday ones. The world we live in is in spiritual darkness (Eph 6:12), and without God’s guidance, we can easily get lost in the world’s rat-race for more money, success, or power. Or we could injure ourselves, falling into the trap of sexual immorality or the pit of resentment and hate.

Life speeds on, and we can’t afford to be without God’s word for a moment. Make it your commitment to put the word of God in your heart and take it with you every day, wherever you go. Use it to light the decisions you make, the words you choose, the thoughts you think. Keep those headlights on, and they will bring you safely Home.

Publisher: True Jesus Church