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How to Build Up Spiritual Life

How to Build Up Spiritual Life

I.       Walk in Newness of Life (Rom.6:4; 2Cor.5:17)

A.     A New Christian:

1.        New Friend

 a.      What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Prov.18:24): How to get closer to Him.

(a)     By Praying to Him: There are prayers of praise, petition, and fellowship. We get closer to God when we use all three of them (Lk.18:1).

(b)     By Proving His Promises (2Pet.1:4): There are promises in God’s Word for every need. We get closer to God when we use them. Our faith grows stronger.

(c)     By Praising Him (Ps.113:3): Praise is an effective way to get closer to God (Ps.34:1).

(d)     By Practicing His Presence (Jn.14:18): We often forget, ignore, and disregard God’s presence. He is there, regardless of the circumstances (Heb.13:5).

(e)     By Participating in His Work (Jn.15:16): When we participate in God’s work, we share His friendship (Jn.15:14). To participate means to share, join in, have a hand in, cooperate, get involved. This is what Christians should do where God’s work is concerned.

 b.      Christian Fellowship

(a)     New Ways

(i)       To read the Bible daily

(ii)     To pray often

(iii)    Think the Right Thoughts / Mind (Phil.4:8)

(iv)   See the Right Sights / Eyes (Heb.12:2): Many see only the faults of others. We look for good in others and keep our eyes on Lord Jesus.

(v)     Hear the Right sounds / Ears (Rom.10:17): We should listen for the voice of God, striving to hear His softest whispers.

(vi)   Say the Right Words / Voice (Matt.12:34): Many speak resentful, unkind, and critical words. Christians should speak words of love and understanding, sharing Christ whenever opportunity affords.

(vii)  Do the Right Things / Hands (Heb.13:21): Do good to others, fulfilling God’s will (Matt.5:16)

(viii)Go to the Right Places / Feet (Ps.122:1): Many are on the move, following after selfish pursuits and pleasures. Christians should go for God. Go to church. Lend helping hand. Witness for Christ. Win the lost to Him.

(ix)    Belong to the Right Person / Heart (Jn.15:16): With His Spirit abiding in our hearts we are more than conquerors (1Jn.4:4)

B.     Christians

1.        Life (1Pet.2:21)

 a.      He Performed His Father’s Will (Heb.10:7; Mk.3:35)

 b.      He Declared His Father’s Word (Jn.17:8): We must use the Word to defeat Satan, to increase our faith, and to point others to Christ

 c.      He Walked in His Father’s Ways (Acts10:38): A kind word, a smile, the lending of a helping hand, express God through us.

 d.      He fulfilled His Father’s Work (Jn.17:4): Let us be faithful to do our Father’s work here on earth.

2.        Joy (Ps.146:5)

 a.      Helpful (1Tim.6:18)

 b.      Adventurous (Phil.4:13)

 c.      Positive (Phil.4:8)

 d.      Purposeful (1Tim.6:11)

 e.      Yielded (Rom.12:1)

3.        Faith

 a.      Think Faith (Phil.2:5)

 b.      Hear Faith (Jn.5:24)

 c.      See Faith (Heb.12:2)

 d.      Talk Faith (Pa.105:2)

 e.      Work Your Faith (James2:18)

4.        Hope: Hope in God (Ps.42:5)

 a.      Heritage (Titus3:7; Rom.8:16,17)

 b.      Optimism (Pa.146:5; Rom.8:28)

 c.      Patience (1Thess.1:3; 1Pet.5:10)

 d.      Eternal Life (Titus1:2)

II.    Walk in the Spirit (Gal.5:16): Be filled with the Spirit (Eph.5:18)

A.     Quench not the Spirit (1Thess.5:19)

1.        Don’t Quibble (Col.2:7)

2.        Don’t Quarrel (Eph.4:2,3; Ps.133:1)

3.        Don’t Quail (Ps.27:14; Josh.1:9)

4.        Don’t Quit (2Cor.6:1; Isa.43:10)

B.     Worship in the Spirit (Jn.4:24)

C.     Work Together in Unity (Acts2:46; Eph.4:3)

D.     Be Willing to Forgive Others (Col.3:13; Matt.6:14,15)

E.     Witness to the Lost (Acts1:8; Rom.1:14-16)

III. Walk in Truth (3Jn.4):

Give God First Place

A.     Put Him Before Pleasure (Jam.5:5): We live in a pleasure-seeking world.

B.     Put Him Before Position (Jn.6:27): Position and finances are necessary, but they should be kept in the proper perspective.

C.     Put Him Before Popularity (Jn.5:44): It is nature to want the approval of others. It is most important to have the approval of God. We might be on the offensive by witnessing for Him.

D.     Put Him Before Possession (Lk.12:15): This is a materialistic age. Possessions have captured the hearts of millions. The Scripture wars that the love of money is the root of all evil.

IV.  Walk in Wisdom (Col.4:5)

A.     Identity (1Pet.2:9)

1.        A Chosen People: We are chosen because God loves and had mercy on us (Jn.3:16).

2.        A Royal People: We are royal because of our adoption into the family of God (Rom.8:14,15).

3.        A Holy People: The Holy Spirit cleanses the heart of the surrendered Christian and gives him power for service (Rom.12:1).

4.        A Peculiar People: We should glorify God by giving Him first place in our lives.

B.     Time

1.        As long as time remains, love can be recaptured, opportunities retrieved, fortunes regained, health restored.

2.        When time has run out, it is too late for the soul that is lost.

3.        We are only sure of the now. Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation (2Cor.6:2)

C.      Opportunity

1.        Almost everyone has lost opportunities pertaining to finances, jobs, and health.

2.        Many have lost opportunity to help others, to witness, to win souls to Christ.

3.        Some opportunities are lost forever. Some may be recaptured. New opportunities must be seized and utilized.

D.     Talent and Treasure (2Tim.2:21)

1.        Let Him think through your mind (Jeb.10:16)

2.        Let Him see through your eyes (Ps.141:8)

3.        Let Him hear through your ears (Isa.22:14)

4.        Let Him speak through your voice (Matt.10:20)

5.        Let Him work through your hands (Jn.14:10)

6.        Let Him go through your feet (Josh.1:9)

7.        Let Him love through your heart (1Jn.4:7)

V.     Walk in Divine Love (Eph.5:2)

A.     Give

God First Place

1.        Loss of finances can be sad. Loss of health, even worse. To lose one’s soul is the most devastating loss of all.

2.        There are two conditions of the soul that determines its destiny --- to be saved or to be lost.

3.        To Avoid Excuse-making (Lk.14:16-27)

 a.      Excuse of Property (): We should not use possessions as an excuse for being less than our best for God.

 b.      Excuse of Pursuit (14:19): We have more time-saving ways than ever before but still we have less time. We must make time for God and give Him first place in our lives.

 c.      Excuse of Person (14:20): Christians must keep their eyes centered on Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of their faith (Heb.12:2).

B.     Love One Another

1.        Be Kind

2.        Be Understanding

3.        Don’t Lost Love (Rev.2:4,5): Marriage, Family, Friends.

VI.  Walk by Faith (2Cor.5:7)

A.     The Faith (Eph.6:16)

1.        Important: “Above all … “

 a.      God comes not by feelings or sight but by faith.

 b.      God provides for us according to our faith.

2.        Availability: “Taking the shield of faith … “

 a.      It is God’s will that we have faith.

 b.      It is God’s free gift.

3.        Power: “With which you will be able to … “

 a.      Nothing is impossible to those who believe.

 b.      To do all things through Christ’s strength (to live victoriously, to serve effectively, to praise the Lord whole-heartedly).

4.        Extent: “To quench all the fiery darts of the wicked … “

 a.      Faith joins the Christian to Omnipotence.

 b.      There is no problem too big for faith, no mountain too high, no valley too deep, no burden too heavy, no task too difficult.

B.     How to be faithful

1.        Be Dedicated (Rom.12:1)

2.        Be Disciplined (Ja.1:12)

3.        Be Determined (1Cor.15:58)

4.        Be Diligent (Heb.6:10,11)

5.        Be Dependable (1Pet.5:10)

VII.           Conclusion:

Christ is in the surrendered Christian, cleansing and filling him with His divine love. He is there to lead, guide, and direct. He will give him power for service.