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A Shepherd and His Sheep

The relationship between a shepherd and his sheep is one of intimate love. The shepherd knows his sheep, which he calls by name as he leads them out of the pen. Similarly, the sheep know their shepherd, and hearken to the sound of his voice as they follow him. For it is only in this relationship of love that the sheep are able to distinguish the voice of their shepherd and follow him.

The sheep follow their shepherd closely. He makes them lie down in green pastures and leads them beside still waters. He restores their souls and they are not in want. Even though they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, they fear no evil, for their shepherd is with them; his rod and his staff comfort them.

Should a sheep leave the shepherd and wander off deep into the mountains, or go astray in the wilderness, that sheep is in constant peril because of wild beasts. How it must grieve the concerned shepherd when he hears the painful and sorrowful moans of his lost sheep! A faithful shepherd would immediately cry out anxiously, "My sheep, where are you? My sheep, come back! My sheep..."

When David was a shepherd boy, he killed both bears and lions in order to deliver his sheep from danger. Throughout his entire life, David experienced God’s deliverance from his many trials and tribulations. In the same way as David delivered his sheep from the lion's mouth, so God delivered him. He knew how a shepherd should care for his sheep, because he had deeply experienced the intimate relationship between the Lord, His shepherd, and himself.

The sum value of all things in this world is nothing compared to the value of life itself. Yet the shepherd so loves his sheep that he is more than willing to give his life for them. For what would be more precious to us than to lay down our lives for the lives of others? The Lord is the Shepherd of all His chosen people. He was David’s shepherd; He is my shepherd; and He is also your shepherd. Our Lord Jesus promised to be with us till the end of the age, and with that assurance, we shall neither lack nor fear anything.

Publisher: True Jesus Church