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Honor the Lord with Your Wealth

This proverb seems to be directed towards the wealthy, to those who have an “increase” from which they can offer to the Lord. What about those of us who are not as wealthy? How can we fulfill the essence of this proverb? Usually we see material wealth, whether great or small, as the source of what we can offer to God. Wealth is what has been given to us and what we have attained by God’s blessing. But the real question is not what we have to offer, but rather how we honor the Lord by what we have.

Take a look at someone who had nothing, not even the bare necessities. When Joseph was sold as a slave, he had nothing with him aside from his life. But in his position as a servant in Potiphar’s house, he did his best. Potiphar saw that the Lord was with him, and Joseph prospered (Gen 39:3). When Joseph was wrongfully jailed, he also prospered while he was in prison (Gen 39:23). While in prison, he interpreted dreams and helped people, so that ultimately his fame spread along with God’s (Gen 41:16, 38-39).

Let’s look at another example, someone who was in a position of wealth. Abraham had the resources to win a battle against kings, and could have taken some booty for himself. Instead, he took from his belongings to offer a tithe to God (Gen 14:16-24). His purpose was that everyone should know it was from the Lord Abraham had received everything, and not from other people.

In both positions—with or without possessions—we are in a position to honor the Lord. Acknowledge Him before others as the sole giver, and you will never be in need.

Publisher: True Jesus Church