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Mind Your Own Business

Some people just can’t mind their own business. Perhaps because they are in need of things to keep them occupied. Paul’s counsel to those who are tempted to gossip and meddle in other people’s business was to keep quiet and keep busy. It was godly guidance, too, because we find the Lord Jesus observing that practice even as He minded His Father’s business.

The Lord exercised good timing when He talked. He didn't interrupt His friends and followers. He wasn’t rude to His enemies, either. When it came to keeping busy, He was, and is, the champion. Jesus even knew when someone in a crowd touched His clothing because she believed He could heal her. As He taught on a hillside, He observed that His audience was hungry, so He made a meal for all of them. He was even busy under the torture of the cross. He saved a thief, made provisions for His mother, and forgave His murderers. He was too busy to say, “I knew we shouldn’t trust Judas,” or “You should have seen what I saw in Pilate’s house.” The Lord Jesus’ business was His Father’s business.

God’s business is our business, too. We mind it by doing it. When we see something that others gab about, we need to “tell it all”—to God. Oh, He already knows all the dirt about everybody—including us—but it’s good to express our concerns and ask Him to intervene or carry out His will.

Minding our own business has fringe benefits, too. As Paul said, those who do so often win the respect of others. It’s a good thing for people to respect Christians—to say things like “He never has a bad thing to say about anybody.” Now that’s a good piece of gossip.

Publisher: True Jesus Church