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A Life of Nobility - How to Maintain Your Faith

A Life of Nobility - How to Maintain Your Faith


Intro: Fact: More are chosen, few are selected. More are baptized, few are saved. Not all who call on the Lord Jesus can be saved.

I.       Is faith truly important in our lives?

A.     Faith is important in this life. “…because apart from me ye are not able to do anything”.(Jn 15:5)

1.        A branch that leaves the tree will dry.

2.        Peter caught no fish when he went out fishing on his own will after Jesus manifested Himself twice.

B.     Faith is more important than gaining the whole world. For what does a man profit if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?(Mt6:26)

1.        It is impossible for a man to gain the whole world. If the soul perishes, gaining the world is in vain.

2.        This life is nothing in comparison to eternality.

3.        Solomon received all that he desired in his heart; yet all he felt was vanity.

C.     Faith is important in obtaining eternal life. Man is destined to die once, and face judgment.(Heb9:27)(Mt16:26f)

1.        You can observe that man is destined to die.

2.        Can we believe in “judgment”?

 a.      We observe judgment in the Bible.

 b.      We observe judgment in our daily lives.

 c.      The Holy Spirit judges us now.

II.    Do we need to maintain our faith?

A.     Faith can be up and can be down. (2Co 13:5)

1.        Man can lose his first love and zeal.

2.        We need to examine our faith.

3.        The father of faith had moments of weakness in faith.

B.     The devil will try to devour those who are weak. (1Pe 5:8)

1.        Adam was to maintain/manage all living creations. (Gen 1:28). Adam failed to manage both the serpent and Eve.

2.        The devil works hard, especially during the last days. ( Rev 12:12)

III. How do we maintain our faith?

A.     “…keep the pattern of sound teaching with faith…”(2Ti1:13)

1.        Paul was in chains, yet he kept the pattern of sound teaching with strong faith.

2.        Most Israelites failed in the wilderness because they did not have faith.

 a.      They had the best law.

 b.      They had the best leader.

 c.      They had many signs and wonders.

 d.      But they did not use their faith to mingle with the words listened. (Heb 4:2)

 e.      They did not have faith because…

(a)     Their hearts were hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. (Heb 3:8)

(b)     Their hearts were always going astray. The did not know the deeds of God (Heb 3:10)

3.        The word of life can be heard, seen, and touched. (1Jn 1:1). Religion can be so profound, yet so simple. As long as one has faith and is able experience God, he can maintain long faith.

B.     “…keep the pattern of sound teaching with faith and love which is in Jesus Christ” (2Ti1:13)

1.        If one has strong faith towards Jesus, naturally he will have love toward the saints. (Co 1:4) Faith without deeds is dead.

2.        One needs to build oneself up in love. (Eph 4:16) Where there is love, one can find meaning and value to live in the world.

3.        Love can be as strong as death. (SS 8:6). Paul says that nothing can separate him from the love of Jesus Christ.

4.        When one serves with love, one will be loved by God. (ref Jn 12:26) ex. One of the lepers received more grace after showing love to Jesus. It will be much easier to maintain faith if one is loved by God himself.

C.     That good thing which was committed unto thee is kept by the Holy Ghost which dwells in us. (2Ti 1:14) The Holy Spirit has many functions that can help us to maintain our faith.

1.        The Holy Spirit can grieve us when we sin.(2The )

2.        The Holy Spirit can pray for us in our weakness. (Rm 8:26)

3.        The Holy Spirit can remind us of the truth. (Jn16:15)

4.        The Holy Spirit can reveal hidden things to us. (Eph 5:18)

5.        We cannot simply walk into the heavenly kingdom. We must kneel and pray to enter heavenly kingdom.

6.        The more we pray the more power we have to keep our faith.