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 (Manna 33: One Faith)
My Path to Salvation
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ARMy Path to Salvation"When I was growing up, I never thought that I would come to believe in Jesus." Read how a Buddhist finds the true God and experiences Him in her daily life and prayer.God can work in mysterious ways. As sister Lynn Hsieh has realized, He can change a once stubborn and obstinate heart into a warm and joyful one. She has finally found the truth by the persistence of a friend and by experiencing incidences that altered her own life. If you truly believe and put your faith in the Lord Almighty, He will surely save you and make you part of His family.

Hallelujah, in the name of Lord Jesus I testify. When I was growing up, I never thought that I would come to believe in Jesus. First, my family background was traditional ancestor and idol worship.

Second, I often found Christians irritating because I felt their deeds weren't as good as those of Buddhists. So when Christians tried to preach the gospel to me, I ignored them. In my heart, I felt sorry for them because they actually believed the Bible.

In August 1997, a neighbor who attended a different church of another denomination came and invited me to her church. She was very nice. Since I was suffering a great deal from my marriage, I went to her church. After several visits, I did not feel moved or touched. But I still continued to go for the sole purpose of making friends and socializing.

In October 1997, a sister from the True Jesus Church introduced me to the church. It was hard for me to ignore her persistence. After several invitations, I finally attended a family service. For the first time, I was actually moved by a sermon.

I thought to myself, how come I had never heard such wonderful words, especially in the previous churches I went to? This pastor emphasized that the True Jesus Church has God's abidance. This greatly interested me, for I thought Buddha was god. Is there another God?

Answered Prayer

One day as I was backing out of my garage, I pressed the remote to shut the garage door, but it didn't work. After many attempts, the door remained open. Suddenly I recalled that the church said there is a God, so I thought, why not ask God for help?

I prayed to God, saying "If you truly exist, please close the garage door." I pressed the remote again, and unexpectedly, the door closed. I was very surprised, but I thought it was only a coincidence, and then drove away.

The next day, when I was leaving the house, the garage door wouldn't close again. I thought, "This time I'll press the remote control more firmly. Something must have gone wrong with the sensor yesterday."

I rolled down my window and pointed the remote at the garage. I tried all kinds of ways to make it work, pressing it firmly and softly, pointing it to the left and to the right. I tried about twenty times, and the garage door remained open. I had no choice but to pray. Like the day before, I pressed the button again and the garage door closed.

On the following day, the same thing happened again. This time I tried the buttons twice as many times as the day before and it still didn't work. But miraculously, after a prayer, I pressed the button and the garage door closed. This event happened three days in a row. But since I was the only one who saw it, it didn't really improve my faith.

The next afternoon, after I picked up my children, I opened the garage door from the inside. I gathered my children and stood to one side. I pressed the remote, and as usual the door wouldn't come down. Then my eldest, second, and youngest daughters took turns pressing the remote and it still didn't work.

Then I knelt where I had been standing. After I got up from my prayer, I pressed the button and the door closed.

My three children said, "That's wonderful, Mommy! How did you do it?" I replied "It's not me, it's because of God's help." This time I had three witnesses. I felt that I had established a genuine faith that God really exists.

Joy in the Spirit

Later, I continued to come to church to listen to the sermons and seek the truth. But I had great doubts when it came to praying in the Spirit (speaking in tongues).

One evening after attending a family service, I felt this tingling in my hand. I thought to myself, could this be the Holy Spirit? Since I didn't really believe in the Holy Spirit, I just ignored it. About ten minutes later, the sensation grew stronger and stronger, and it seemed like my whole body was vibrating.

I ran to a small room, shut the door, and knelt down saying, "In the name of Lord Jesus I pray. Hallelujah, praise the Lord Jesus." Immediately, my hands and body started to move and I began to speak in tongues. This continued for about fifteen minutes. My hands felt sore but I was unable to stop. Not knowing what to do, I said to God, "My hands are sore," and at that very moment the movement stopped.

I then began to sing spiritual songs, and I heard myself singing a very beautiful melody, but it seemed like it wasn't me doing it. During the singing, my heart was beyond joy, and it felt like I was in heaven. It was truly, incomparably wonderful.

Afterwards I realized that I had received the Holy Spirit. I fell prostrate on the floor and kept saying, "Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord!"

After this personal experience, I finally concluded that what I heard was the truth: the True Jesus Church really has God's abidance, and the Holy Spirit testifies to this. After seeking the truth a few months more, I was baptized into the name of the Lord on July 5,1999, and became His child.

This is how I was chosen by God. Thank the Lord, and may all the praise, thanks, and glory be unto the true God in heaven forever.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church