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Discovery Time: Defending My Faith

Discovery Time: Defending My Faith

Questions for the Debate

From an atheist:

1.       How do you know that there is a God?

2.       I believe in science. If you can’t prove there is a God, then how can I know that there is a God?

3.       OK, so if there is a God, why should I believe in Him anyway? I’ve been doing pretty good myself so far.

4.       If there is a God, where is there so much suffering, especially of the innocent people?

5.       Why can’t you Christians all agree? Why are there so many different churches anyway?

6.       How do I know which church is the “right” church for me? May be I should join that big church close to my home. There are all kinds of activities that my family will really be interested.

From Christians of another denomination:

7.       If God is spirit, then He is everywhere. Why do I have to worship Him in TJC? I can worship Jesus in my church too.

8.       What does your church name “True Jesus Church” means?

9.       Are you saying that TJC is the only true church?

10.   Are you not being too arrogant to say that TJC is the only true church? What about all the other churches out there that are doing their best to serve God?

11.   I think it is a sign of a cult when you say that you are the only way. Surely, God is everywhere.

12.   My church also prays in tongue and we also receive the Holy Spirit. We see mighty powers of God in all those receiving the Spirit. The person always falls backwards when the minister touches him. What about you?

13.   In Ephesians 4:4-6, Paul tells us that all Christians are one, regardless of which church we belong to, because we all worship the same One Father. Why are you so picky about which church you belong to?

14.   John 3:16 clearly tells us that if we believe in the Lord Jesus, then we are saved. Why does it matter which church I go to?

15.   Why does your church wash people’s feet?