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 (Manna 33: One Faith)
My Path to Salvation
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Hallelujah, in the name of Lord Jesus I testify. When I was growing up, I never thought that I would come to believe in Jesus. First, my family background was traditional ancestor and idol worship.

Second, I often found Christians irritating because I felt their deeds weren't as good as those of Buddhists. So when Christians tried to preach the gospel to me, I ignored them. In my heart, I felt sorry for them because they actually believed the Bible.

In August 1997, a neighbor who attended a different church of another denomination came and invited me to her church. She was very nice. Since I was suffering a great deal from my marriage, I went to her church. After several visits, I did not feel moved or touched. But I still continued to go for the sole purpose of making friends and socializing.

In October 1997, a sister from the True Jesus Church introduced me to the church. It was hard for me to ignore her persistence. After several invitations, I finally attended a family service. For the first time, I was actually moved by a sermon.

I thought to myself, how come I had never heard such wonderful words, especially in the previous churches I went to? This pastor emphasized that the True Jesus Church has God's abidance. This greatly interested me, for I thought Buddha was god. Is there another God?

Answered Prayer

One day as I was backing out of my garage, I pressed the remote to shut the garage door, but it didn't work. After many attempts, the door remained open. Suddenly I recalled that the church said there is a God, so I thought, why not ask God for help?

I prayed to God, saying "If you truly exist, please close the garage door." I pressed the remote again, and unexpectedly, the door closed. I was very surprised, but I thought it was only a coincidence, and then drove away.

The next day, when I was leaving the house, the garage door wouldn't close again. I thought, "This time I'll press the remote control more firmly. Something must have gone wrong with the sensor yesterday."

I rolled down my window and pointed the remote at the garage. I tried all kinds of ways to make it work, pressing it firmly and softly, pointing it to the left and to the right. I tried about twenty times, and the garage door remained open. I had no choice but to pray. Like the day before, I pressed the button again and the garage door closed.

On the following day, the same thing happened again. This time I tried the buttons twice as many times as the day before and it still didn't work. But miraculously, after a prayer, I pressed the button and the garage door closed. This event happened three days in a row. But since I was the only one who saw it, it didn't really improve my faith.

The next afternoon, after I picked up my children, I opened the garage door from the inside. I gathered my children and stood to one side. I pressed the remote, and as usual the door wouldn't come down. Then my eldest, second, and youngest daughters took turns pressing the remote and it still didn't work.

Then I knelt where I had been standing. After I got up from my prayer, I pressed the button and the door closed.

My three children said, "That's wonderful, Mommy! How did you do it?" I replied "It's not me, it's because of God's help." This time I had three witnesses. I felt that I had established a genuine faith that God really exists.

Joy in the Spirit

Later, I continued to come to church to listen to the sermons and seek the truth. But I had great doubts when it came to praying in the Spirit (speaking in tongues).

One evening after attending a family service, I felt this tingling in my hand. I thought to myself, could this be the Holy Spirit? Since I didn't really believe in the Holy Spirit, I just ignored it. About ten minutes later, the sensation grew stronger and stronger, and it seemed like my whole body was vibrating.

I ran to a small room, shut the door, and knelt down saying, "In the name of Lord Jesus I pray. Hallelujah, praise the Lord Jesus." Immediately, my hands and body started to move and I began to speak in tongues. This continued for about fifteen minutes. My hands felt sore but I was unable to stop. Not knowing what to do, I said to God, "My hands are sore," and at that very moment the movement stopped.

I then began to sing spiritual songs, and I heard myself singing a very beautiful melody, but it seemed like it wasn't me doing it. During the singing, my heart was beyond joy, and it felt like I was in heaven. It was truly, incomparably wonderful.

Afterwards I realized that I had received the Holy Spirit. I fell prostrate on the floor and kept saying, "Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord!"

After this personal experience, I finally concluded that what I heard was the truth: the True Jesus Church really has God's abidance, and the Holy Spirit testifies to this. After seeking the truth a few months more, I was baptized into the name of the Lord on July 5,1999, and became His child.

This is how I was chosen by God. Thank the Lord, and may all the praise, thanks, and glory be unto the true God in heaven forever.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church