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 (Manna 36: Prayer)
Heaven's Choir
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I found myself at Heaven's Gate,
Adorned in gold and gems and white.
An angel beckoned me to enter straight
Beyond the Gate that shines so bright.

I saw scores of angels flying high above.
Saints, brothers and sisters gathered round.
So amazing their warmth and love?
Measureless, such joy was found.

Among the skies of cloud and air,
I lifted my eyes and saw in awe
The One who saved me from sin and snare
Upon His throne, the God of Love.

And then I saw a glittering light
Far across the ocean skies,
A choir of angels with robes so bright
Singing praise with heavenly cries...

Melodies of love and thanks
To glorify our Heavenly King,
Who set us free from evil’s ranks,
All praise to Him forever ring!

Oh Heaven's Choir,
Sing and sing to your hearts' desire.
Sing it loud, sing it strong
Till Hell trembles with your mighty song!

My eyes filled with joyful tears,
My heart with gratitude and faith sincere;
He held me near in His embrace,
Wiped dry my tears with His sweet grace.

He looked at me with tender eyes:
"Do not cry, oh My little one,
Be joyful always and cease all sighs.
Soon you will be with Me in Heaven."

My heart content with His assuring word
Would sing the songs of Heaven I heard.
I opened my eyes from prayer time;
While Heaven's Choir’s tunes still chime...

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Publisher: True Jesus Church