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 (Manna 41: The End Times)
What Do They Remind You Of?
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Listen. Have you heard the ocean lately?

Look. Have you glanced at the sky and marveled at a flower?

Think. What do they remind you of?

I am reminded of God’s love.

His love allows me to appreciate the things He made.

I wonder

What should I do with the love He gives me?

O mighty God, I will follow you.

As always,

He hears my voice—

He answers the whispers of my prayer.

I am reminded of God’s providence.

He watches over me all day and night.

I wonder

What have I done for Him?

O precious Lord, I will serve you.

As always,

He meets my needs—

He dwells forever in my heart.


Let the ocean listen to my voice,

Let the sky and the flower look at the works of my hands,

Let the people think about the Son of David whom I preach,

And let the beauty of my Lord Jesus shine through me.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church